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Buying the First Pair of Baby Shoes

Buying the First Pair of Baby Shoes? We Resolve All Your Queries

Those tiny feet are learning to walk! It's time to buy the first pair of shoes for your baby. You sure are thrilled but let this not take away wise decisions that you need on buying the first pair of baby shoes! Get answers to all your queries on dressing those tiny feet, in the following.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Your baby's first step... and there goes a memory just priceless! Some may be curious as to why is it such a big thing, but trust me when you are a part of the family that witnesses this tiny but precious moment, you know how this is worth more than a photo or video capture. Now that your baby is learning to walk, you will have to do more than just being the support on his tiny fist. Get him the right pair of shoes, that will help him walk and explore with comfort. There are a variety of shoes in the market and they come in different and cute designs, some that you just cannot resist buying. But it is important to take care of certain things before you buy the first pair of baby shoes.
With an eye on his feet, your biggest fear is the balance and safety of the baby. Moreover when your baby is walking, he is simply learning to walk well, and most doctors advise to wait for sometime before you buy him shoes, as his feet may still be developing, he may still have baby fat under his foot sole in the arches. If the baby appears flat footed due to this fat, a regular check up can help you consider buying his first pair of shoes. So what are the right kind of shoes for the baby, what all should you consider when buying them. Well, to answer all these queries we have compiled a small set of question and answers below, which should help you. Take a look.
When Will Your Baby Need Shoes
When the baby has just put his first foot down, it is advisable to let him walk bare feet for some days. This can help the baby understand and balance his body better first without shoes and get accustomed to the action of putting each foot forward in the correct manner. Once the baby is comfortable with walking by itself barefoot, it will be easier to walk with shoes on. One may also consult a pediatrician for the right time for buying shoes for your baby.
What Kind of Baby Shoes Should You Buy
Shoes for babies should be soft, they should not hurt the baby's feet. More flexibility in the shoes will help in easy walking for the baby. Make sure the shoes are breathable and are made up of not very hard material. Natural materials make a wise choice here, as the baby's feet sweat more and harsh materials will harm the skin. It is wise to check the sole of the shoe, it should not be very thick or thin and must have a little grip. Just enough to prevent the baby from slipping. The sole should be of moderate thickness and should not make the baby drag her feet. A light weight sole can help her pick walking soon. Shoes without and least modifications like arches and heels, are the most preferred. Velcro straps are more preferred over laces. Less hassle for you to tie them often and it saves the baby the risk of tripping due to open laces.
How Should Baby Shoes Fit
Size is very important when buying shoes for small kids. The right size will keep the feet comfortable. It will also give room for the baby's feet to grow. The feet are the most delicate at this time and the bones and tendons are still growing, and the feet are taking shape. Check the widest width of the shoe, by pinching it when the baby is wearing it, a small space pinch should be formed. Check the space in the shoe by pressing the tip of the shoe at the longest toe or insert your pinky finger at the ankle end of the shoe. Too much or too little space is a strict no, your finger should fit in snugly and you should be able to press, a little less than half inch in the toe room. There should be just enough space when the baby is wearing the shoe. Make sure the shoes do not slip out of the feet. Keep a watch when the baby is walking in the shoes, if you feel the baby is dragging, having difficulty or is not comfortable walking, it's time to change the shoe.
Another important point is that price is not the only tag for quality and comfort, you will have to try different shoes and then buy the one that fits best, even if it is not expensive. Remember to buy the ones that are the most comfortable and safe for the baby. Watching those tiny feet walking is memorable, and with the perfect pair of cute baby shoes... priceless!
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