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Effects of Boarding School on Children

Effects of Boarding School on Children

Boarding schools can be good disciplinary centers for kids. However, in some cases, they are not as effective. This article provides some pros and cons of enrolling a child in a boarding school.
Uttara Manohar
Boarding schools are schools where pupils not only study, but also live with their fellow students and teachers during the term time. The word 'boarding' refers to the fact that these schools provide food and lodging facilities, where students also attend classes and engage in outdoor activities arranged by the school. However, they are not suitable for all children. There are many advantages of these schools, but they can have some negative effects on children as well.


Some parents think that it is simply impossible to allow their child to stay away from home from an early age, while there are others who believe that boarding schools instill a sense of responsibility and discipline in children, which is a great benefit for their overall development. Given below are some pros and cons.

Positive Effects

These schools are known to imbibe children with a sense of discipline with regards to habits like sleeping on time, waking up early, exercising, and other hygiene-related habits. They also help in the development of children's communication skills or social skills. Children who study in such schools are constantly in an atmosphere that is conducive for learning as well as recreation. They often become street smart and acquire the ability to sustain themselves in the competitive world. They are self-reliant, confident, and very independent. Also, they are able to form life-long friendships with their peers. Further, as the faculty at the school is constantly accessible and available, it helps them greatly with their studies.

Negative Effects

These schools can make children detached from their family if the child is bitter about being sent to one in the first place. Sometimes, children can misuse their freedom and indulge in harmful addictions and activities like smoking, drinking, or even drugs. If the child experiences severely unpleasant instances of ragging or bullying, it might break his/her self-confidence and can have a very disturbing effect on their overall development. Children find it extremely difficult at times to adjust to the school life. The constant school environment with the rules and regulations can become stressful for them. Also, the child may feel abandoned or unloved and unwanted by his parents because he/she was sent away. They can also feel unaccepted by their teachers and peers if they are unable to perform, which can have a strong impact on their personality.

Boarding school is a good option only if your child is mentally strong and stable enough to handle staying away. Also, opt for this only after you have considered all other options. It should be a memorable experience for your child, but in a good way.