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The 3 Best Places for Your Baby While You're at Work

The Best Place for Your Baby While You're at Work
More and more families need two incomes in these times, so where do working parents go for childcare?
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Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Your baby is the most precious thing in your life. You want to give him or her the best, and you want to do what is right and protect him or her from all the evils of the world for as long as possible. However, if you and your partner both have to return to work shortly after your baby is born, it can be difficult to decide where your baby should go during those hours of the day. There are benefits and drawbacks to each situation, but only you can know what is right for your family. If you do your research and ask the right questions, you may find the decision is easier than you expected.
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Daycare might be the best and most-used option for working parents. Daycares are often great places for kids because they are surrounded by other children of their own age, and the people who work at daycares have to be certified in early childhood development by the state in which the daycare operates. This means your child is essentially being taught by a trained teacher and professional in her field. These daycare professionals are consistently trained and must go through professional development to keep their certificates up-to-date, which means they know what your child needs during the time he or she is there. Furthermore, it is often less expensive to put your child in a daycare because there are several children in the room. One-on-one time is almost always the most expensive option. However, this means that the daycare provider's attention may be divided between several children so, instead of being able to give your child her entire attention, she will have to split her time between many children. This can be a major drawback when thinking about where your child should go during the day.
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If you have a family member who isn't working and is willing to watch your child, this can be the most inexpensive option for you to consider. Oftentimes, grandparents or siblings who are staying home with their own young children are willing to take on another child so you can go to work. This is a great option for working parents who are looking to save money. This is also often a better situation for everyone involved. Your relatives love your child almost as much as you do, so you can trust that your baby is being taken care of. Also, you have the comfort of knowing that the baby's grandparents have already raised children successfully and, therefore, know about what children need. However, it can be difficult to deal with loving grandparents every day. You've surely heard stories of grandparents breaking the parents' rules and spoiling children rotten. There is also the possibility that one side of the family feels neglected if the baby is always staying with one particular grandparent. These family dynamics are certainly important to consider.
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If you do have to pay someone to watch your child, ideally you'd love to have a nanny who comes to your home when you need her, and leaves when you don't. Nannies sometimes are also able to clean your house and prepare meals for you when you are away at work, which is a benefit for your child and for you. A major drawback to a nanny, though, is that they are often very expensive. In order for them to come to your house and watch only your child, you'll have to pay them to make it worth their time.
Ultimately, only you can choose what is right for your family. You will need to weigh all of your options and do what makes you feel best.
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