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Beautiful Space-themed Names That Will Fill You With Delight

Beautiful Space-themed Names
Parents who are expecting and eagerly waiting for their cute-little gift to come home are usually on a serious 'name-search' mission, which is simply a FUN experience. In this mission, space-themed names qualify as one potential exploratory for your little angel. The baby, of course, wouldn't know of how much efforts have gone into calling him/her with that one distinct name.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Popular baby names
Most Popular Names
Come what may, some parents are just very sure about naming their kids with these popular names; a trend continuing for years. They don't budge an inch, even when the world around is looking up foreign language dictionaries to stumble upon something 'unique'.
Celestial baby names
Celestial Baby Names
A quick list of some selected space-themed names for your cute little baby boy or girl. Andromeda, Omega, or Alya are a few more suggestions for cute little princesses.
Star names for girls and boys
Names After or Meaning Stars
Stars are always center stage, and shining in the sky and on planet Earth. With so many options, how about you go for these space-illuminati, rather than the celebs? Seren, Estella, Nashira, Zaniah, and Meissa are some great-sounding star names for girls.
Constellation names
Constellation Names
Celestial baby names are best reflected through constellations, which have an independent identity in space. Also, they definitely sound uncommon and mighty.
Planet moon names
Planet Moon Names
Name your sweet little baby boy or girl after one of these moons of planets. If it's a baby girl, you may wanna call her Larissa, Miranda, Portia, Belinda, Cressida, Ophelia, Pandora, Helene, Juliet, or Triton.
Space related names
Names Related to Space
When looking for space-themed names, think of all the heavenly nouns, and you might find a good one. Names that are both celestial and mythological can be a great idea too.