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Famous Ancient Greek Names Reserved for Gods and Mere Mortals

Ancient Greek Names
In ancient Greece, men and women had unique first names; they had no middle and last names. Even though many names are no longer used today, some Greek names have withstood the test of time and are as popular today as they were ages ago. Here, we present you with a list of popular ancient Greek names along with their meanings.
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Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Ancient Greece is considered to be the cradle of western civilization and is the birthplace of many famous philosophers, kings, and heroes. The time period of the ancient Greek civilization was between the Archaic period of 8th to 6th century BC to the end of antiquity i.e. 6th century AD. It was a civilization that gave the world western philosophy, literature, democracy, art and sculptures, and the Olympic games. The ancient Greeks were known to be pioneers in formulating logically valid ideas for government, science, theory, religion, and fine arts. They were truly unique in all aspects of life be it food, religion, names or culture.
Speaking of names, as mentioned earlier, ancient Greeks had no last names and were identified with only their first name. Their names would either be simple names derived from a noun or adjective along with a suffix. For e.g., Archimedes, which meant a master thinker, was derived from archos meaning master, and medomai meaning thinker or being aware. For the purpose of identification, a person was sometimes given a patronymic name. For e.g., Alexander son of Philip. In some instances an individual's location or geographical place was included in the name like Markos (one who hails from the Aegean Islands) or Delphi (a region in the valley of Phocis). Here are some well-known classical Greek names, along with their meanings.
Famous Classical Greek Names
  • Aléxandros (Alexander) ~ The brave defender
  • Aristotélēs (Aristotle) ~ The best of all
  • Médousa (Medusa) ~ To plan or contrive
  • Plátōn (Plato) ~ Have strong shoulders
  • Pythagóras (Pythagoras) ~ The reflective thinker
  • Helénē (Helen) ~ The shining torch
  • Odysseus ~ Gives/Receives pain
  • Archimedes ~ The master thinker
Another category of Ancient Greek names were derived or based on the names of gods and goddesses. Some names were derived from heroes, nymphs, and lesser deities. Here are some popular ones.

Greek Name: Apollōn
English Name: Apollo
Meaning: Strong

Greek Name: Aris
English Name: Ares
Meaning: Violent

Greek Name: Aristaios
English Name: Aristaeus
Meaning: Follower of flocks

Greek Name: Astraios
English Name: Astraeus
Meaning: Dusk

Greek Name: Khaos
English Name: Chaos
Meaning: Formless void

Greek Name: Krónos
English Name: Cronus
Meaning: Time

Greek Name: Komos
English Name: Comus
Meaning: Festivity

Greek Name: Erebos
English Name: Erebus
Meaning: Darkness

Greek Name: Eros
English Name: Eros
Meaning: Love

Greek Name: Dionysos
English Name: Dionysus
Meaning: Merrymaker

Greek Name: Hāidēs
English Name: Hades
Meaning: Ruler of Underworld

Greek Name: Hēphaistos
English Name: Hephaestus
Meaning: Blacksmith

Greek Name: Hēlios
English Name: Helios
Meaning: Sun

Greek Name: Hermes
English Name: Hermes
Meaning: Messenger

Greek Name: Pān
English Name: Pan
Meaning: Guardian of cattle

Greek Name: Ploutos
English Name: Plutus
Meaning: Wealthy

Greek Name: Pontos
English Name: Pontus
Meaning: Sea

Greek Name: Poseidon
English Name: Posidon
Meaning: Oceans

Greek Name: Ouranos
English Name: Uranus
Meaning: Sky

Greek Name: Zeús
English Name: Zeus
Meaning: King of Gods


Greek Name: Aphrodite
English Name: Aphrodite
Meaning: Beautiful

Greek Name: Athēnaia
English Name: Athena
Meaning: Intelligent and wise

Greek Name: Aura
English Name: Aura
Meaning: Breeze

Greek Name: Kētō
English Name: Ceto
Meaning: Sea monster

Greek Name: Khloris
English Name: Chloris
Meaning: Spring and flowers

Greek Name: Dāmātēr
English Name: Demeter
Meaning: Fertility

Greek Name: Eirene
English Name: Irene
Meaning: Peaceful

Greek Name: Ēōs
English Name: Eos
Meaning: Dawn

Greek Name: Eris
English Name: Eris
Meaning: Strife and discord

Greek Name: Eunomia
English Name: Eunomia
Meaning: Order and peace

Greek Name: Ge
English Name: Gaia
Meaning: Earth

Greek Name: Hēbē
English Name: Hebe
Meaning: Youthful

Greek Name: Hemera
English Name: Hemera
Meaning: Daytime

Greek Name: Hērē
English Name: Hera
Meaning: Feminine

Greek Name: Iris
English Name: Iris
Meaning: Rainbow

Greek Name: Rhamnousia
English Name: Nemesis
Meaning: Divine retribution

Greek Name: Nike
English Name: Nike
Meaning: Victory

Greek Name: Nyx
English Name: Nox
Meaning: Night

Greek Name: Selene
English Name: Mene
Meaning: Moon

Greek Name: Tyche
English Name: Tyche
Meaning: Fortunate

Another naming method, that is still practiced today, was that of naming the first-born son after the paternal grandfather, and the second after the maternal grandfather. After the advent of Christianity, some names were derived from The Bible. These names are still considered popular because of their unique meaning and pronunciation. If you are looking for some Ancient Greek names for your little bundle of joy, then here's a list of names with their meanings.
Greek Male Names

Greek Name: Adunis
English Name: Adonis
Meaning: My Lord

Greek Name: Adrēstos
English Name: Adrastos
Meaning: Courageous

Greek Name: Ajax
English Name: Ajas
Meaning: Mourner

Greek Name: Alcibiade
English Name: Alkiviadis
Meaning: Ambitious

Greek Name: Bartholomew
English Name: Bartholomew
Meaning: Son of Talmai

Greek Name: Barnabas
English Name: Barnabas
Meaning: Son of comfort

Greek Name: Kadmos
English Name: Cadmus
Meaning: He who excels

Greek Name: Kharon
English Name: Charon
Meaning: Fierce brightness

Greek Name: Christophoros
English Name: Christopher
Meaning: Carrier of Christ

Greek Name: Daedalos
English Name: Daedalus
Meaning: Cunning

Greek Name: Dioklês
English Name: Diocles
Meaning: Glory of God

Greek Name: Doros
English Name: Doros
Meaning: Determined

Greek Name: Drakōn
English Name: Draco
Meaning: Dragon

Greek Name: Deucalion
English Name: Deucalion
Meaning: Sweet wine

Greek Name: Dimitris
English Name: Dimitris
Meaning: Lover of Earth

Greek Name: Elpidios
English Name: Elpidio
Meaning: Hope

Greek Name: Eleazar
English Name: Elʻazar
Meaning: God's assistance

Greek Name: Erasmos
English Name: Erasmus
Meaning: To love

Greek Name: Esdras
English Name: Ezra
Meaning: Helper

Greek Name: Eukleidēs
English Name: Euclid
Meaning: Glorious

Greek Name: Imanu'el
English Name: Emmanuel
Meaning: God is with us

Greek Name: Georgios
English Name: Georgios
Meaning: Farmer

Greek Name: Haemon
English Name: Haimon
Meaning: Violent

Greek Name: Hectōr
English Name: Hektor
Meaning: Savior

Greek Name: Hēraklēs
English Name: Heracles
Meaning: Glory of Hera

Greek Name: Hēsíodos
English Name: Hesiod
Meaning: Send song

Greek Name: Iēsous
English Name: Jesus
Meaning: Salvation

Greek Name: Ioannes
English Name: Joannes
Meaning: God is gracious

Greek Name: Ionas
English Name: Jonah
Meaning: Dove

Greek Name: Jude
English Name: Judas
Meaning: Praised

Greek Name: Karpos
English Name: Carpus
Meaning: Fruitful

Greek Name: Konstantinos
English Name: Constantine
Meaning: Constant

Greek Name: Loukas
English Name: Luke
Meaning: Giver of Light

Greek Name: Midas
English Name: Midas
Meaning: King of Phrygia

Greek Name: Matthias
English Name: Matthew
Meaning: Gift of the Lord

Greek Name: Méntōr
English Name: Mentor
Meaning: Wise

Greek Name: Myron
English Name: Myron
Meaning: Myrrh

Greek Name: Nestōr
English Name: Nestor
Meaning: Wise

Greek Name: Nicias
English Name: Nikias
Meaning: Victor

Greek Name: Oidípous
English Name: Oedípus
Meaning: Swollen footed

Greek Name: Olympos
English Name: Olympus
Meaning: Abode of Gods

Greek Name: Orion
English Name: Orion
Meaning: Rising in the sky

Greek Name: Paeon
English Name: Paean
Meaning: Healer

Greek Name: Pallas
English Name: Pallas
Meaning: Wise

Greek Name: Panagiotis
English Name: Panagiotes
Meaning: Holy

Greek Name: Pantheras
English Name: Pantheras
Meaning: Panther

Greek Name: Photios
English Name: Photius
Meaning: Light

Greek Name: Protios
English Name: Proteus
Meaning: First-born

Greek Name: Šet
English Name: Seth
Meaning: Anointed

Greek Name: Shimon
English Name: Simon
Meaning: Reputed

Greek Name: Sophos
English Name: Sophus
Meaning: Clever

Greek Name: Thánatos
English Name: Thanatos
Meaning: Death

Greek Name: Theodotos
English Name: Theodotus
Meaning: Given to God

Greek Name: Thomas
English Name: Thomas
Meaning: Twin

Greek Name: Vassileios
English Name: Vasilis
Meaning: King

Greek Name: Xenocrates
English Name: Xenocrates
Meaning: Powerful

Greek Name: Yiannis
English Name: John
Meaning: God is gracious

Greek Name: Yiorgos
English Name: Giorgos
Meaning: Farmer

Greek Name: Zenon
English Name: Zeno
Meaning: Life of Zeus

Greek Name: Zoticus
English Name: Zoticus
Meaning: Full of life

Greek Female Names

Greek Name: Adelpha
English Name: Adelfa
Meaning: Dear sister

Greek Name: Adrasteia
English Name: Adrastea
Meaning: Courageous

Greek Name: Aelle
English Name: Aella
Meaning: Whirlwind

Greek Name: Agápē
English Name: Agape
Meaning: Love

Greek Name: Ágata
English Name: Agatha
Meaning: Good

Greek Name: Agauē
English Name: Agave
Meaning: Illustrious

Greek Name: Aglaïa
English Name: Aglaea
Meaning: Shining

Greek Name: Alexis
English Name: Alexis
Meaning: Defender

Greek Name: Althaea
English Name: Althea
Meaning: Healer

Greek Name: Aminta
English Name: Aminta
Meaning: Protector

Greek Name: Andromédē
English Name: Andromeda
Meaning: Ruler of men

Greek Name: Anastasia
English Name: Anastacia
Meaning: Resurrected

Greek Name: Atropos
English Name: Aisa
Meaning: Inflexible

Greek Name: Berenikē
English Name: Berenice
Meaning: Bringer of victory

Greek Name: Chara
English Name: Chara
Meaning: Bringer of joy

Greek Name: Khrysēís
English Name: Chryseis
Meaning: Gold

Greek Name: Cyaneia
English Name: Cyanea
Meaning: Blue sky

Greek Name: Kyrene
English Name: Cyrene
Meaning: Sovereign queen

Greek Name: Damaris
English Name: Damaris
Meaning: Calf

Greek Name: Daphnē
English Name: Daphne
Meaning: Laurel tree

Greek Name: Danaë
English Name: Dana
Meaning: Princess of Argos

Greek Name: Adelia
English Name: Delia
Meaning: Noble

Greek Name: Despoine
English Name: Despoina
Meaning: Mistress

Greek Name: Dianthe
English Name: Dianthe
Meaning: Divine flower

Greek Name: Ēlektra
English Name: Electra
Meaning: Bright

Greek Name: Eleni
English Name: Helena
Meaning: Shining light

Greek Name: Elissa
English Name: Eliza
Meaning: Wanderer

Greek Name: Elpis
English Name: Elpis
Meaning: Hope

Greek Name: Hagnē
English Name: Agnes
Meaning: Pure

Greek Name: Halkyónē
English Name: Alcyone
Meaning: Kingfisher

Greek Name: Hermione
English Name: Hermione
Meaning: Messenger

Greek Name: Ianthe
English Name: Ianthe
Meaning: Violet flower

Greek Name: Iolë
English Name: Iole
Meaning: Violet

Greek Name: Eirene
English Name: Irene
Meaning: Peace

Greek Name: Iōanna
English Name: Joanna
Meaning: God is gracious

Greek Name: Kalliopē
English Name: Calliope
Meaning: Muse

Greek Name: Kassandra
English Name: Cassandra
Meaning: Shining upon men

Greek Name: Klytia
English Name: Clytie
Meaning: Famous

Greek Name: Leda
English Name: Leda
Meaning: Lady

Greek Name: Ligeia
English Name: Ligeia
Meaning: Clear voiced

Greek Name: Mariam
English Name: Mary
Meaning: Bitter

Greek Name: Margarites
English Name: Margaret
Meaning: Pearl

Greek Name: Megaera
English Name: Megara
Meaning: Jealous

Greek Name: Olympias
English Name: Olympia
Meaning: From Mt. Olympus

Greek Name: Ophelia
English Name: Ophelia
Meaning: Helper

Greek Name: Pandora
English Name: Pandora
Meaning: Gifted

Greek Name: Pēnelópeia
English Name: Penelope
Meaning: Weaver

Greek Name: Psappho
English Name: Sappho
Meaning: Sapphire

Greek Name: Sofia
English Name: Sophia
Meaning: Wise

Greek Name: Thaleia
English Name: Thalia
Meaning: Blossom

Greek Name: Thekla
English Name: Thecla
Meaning: Glory of God

Greek Name: Varvara
English Name: Barbara
Meaning: Foreign

Greek Name: Vasiliki
English Name: Basil
Meaning: Queen

Greek Name: Xanthe
English Name: Xanthe
Meaning: Blonde

Greek Name: Xenia
English Name: Xena
Meaning: Hospitable

Greek Name: Zēnobía
English Name: Zenobia
Meaning: Life of Zeus

It is said that personal names mirror the values and concerns of the prevalent society. And the above list throws light on how much the ancient Greeks used their rich culture, language, and geography to form their distinct yet timeless names.
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