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Activities to Improve Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: Try it Out

Activities to Improve Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
AptParenting will list out some of the activities that one can undertake in order to develop and enhance bodily-kinesthetic intelligence in kids, as well as adults.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Children playing on fence and rope ladder in a park
Try This Out
Walk on tip toe around the room. This simple exercise will make you aware of your bodily movements in more ways than one and help improve bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.
Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence involves a high sense of self-awareness of one's body movements and the ability to use the movements of the body for expression. People with this form of intelligence are said to possess balance, grace, and speed, and use the same for understanding and expressing varied ideas and feelings. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence also includes the skill to use hands to create and transform things.
There are several characteristics that are specialized to this form of intelligence. It is precisely these that will set this form of intelligence apart from the other multiple intelligences that were proposed by Howard Gardner in his work 'Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences' (1983).
In this AptParenting article, we will highlight the varied bodily-kinesthetic intelligence activities that can be taken up to improve and enhance this form of intelligence.
The most effective way of improving this form of intelligence is through the medium of activities. These are especially helpful and highly recommended for kids, and should ideally be started at a young age. That being said, these activities are not limited to kids alone and can easily be taken up by adults as well. The following are certain classroom activities as well as other forms of activities that feature under the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence form.
Play Catch
playing catch ball
Engage in playing catch. This not only involves using movement, but also helps develop coordination by learning to judge a catch based on the speed and distance of the ball. Along with that, it also promotes superb hand-eye coordination. Another excellent variation to this simple activity is playing with throwing rings or Frisbees or playing basketball.
Take up Physical Performing Arts
Any form of physical performing arts, like dancing, acting, or gymnastics, involves making optimum use of the body to express something. Thus, it encourages understanding varied concepts through the medium of movement and encourages the expression of feelings and ideas through the same. Taking up these activities trains the body to understand and express things more physically.
Play Physical Games
physical games
Anything and everything that involves using movements and physical actions is a great way of developing bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Climbing trees, playing charades and hopscotch, and playing sports are all activities that help train the mind to understand and express through movement.
Make Forms Of
A highly fun activity that can be tried in the classroom setting (especially) or even at an orientation program or a similar setting is where the teacher or leader asks the group to form shapes of the letters of the alphabet. This seemingly simple task encourages the group to understand what is being said and then display the talent to be able to contort and move their bodies to imitate the shape of the letter. This can be played either way, in that, demonstrating a letter and then asking them to imitate it or simply stating a letter and then asking them to formulate the same. The latter also helps develop an additional skill of listening and then interpreting.
Take up Storytelling
Another activity that is known to help tremendously in building this intelligence is to ask the group to act out a story without saying anything and using only actions to relate the same. An interesting twist to this exercise can be brought about by making use of puppets. This is another way in which the limiting factors help to further enhance the movements.
Obstacle Course Your Way
hula houp
An obstacle course is not only a lot of fun, but is also a great way to enhance bodily-kinesthetic skills. The kind of physical activities that form a part of this course, like using the jump rope, using the hula hoop, climbing trees, going up ladders, jumping walls, crossing puddles (for instance)―all these activities help develop hand-eye coordination and using your body movements to carry forth an action in its entirety to garner success.
Build Things
Encourage the group to build something either on the basis of models provided or simply by using their imagination power. Things that can be made use of for carrying forth this activity could include using ready-made clay or sand, or even mud and cooking flour with some water. This is not only a highly enjoyable activity for all age groups, but it also helps in training the mind to build things. For adults or older children, sculpting and pottery can also be looked into as a viable option.
Introducing any of these activities, or even a combination of these activities in your day-to-day routine will definitely help build and enhance bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. So now you can not only enhance this intelligence, but also have a lot of fun while doing it. Win-win.
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