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Why People Go for Interracial Adoption

Why People Go for Interracial Adoption

The number of interracial adoptions have increased in the last few years. But why do people go for interracial adoption and what are its pros and cons? Let us understand this in the paragraphs below.
Niharika Arya
Adopting a new member in a family, who is from a different race or community from its adopting parents is termed as interracial adoption. The reason why some people go for interracial adoption totally depends upon the motive of adoption. For some, this is a great gesture towards the society and for some, this is just like any other adoption. There are lots of celebrity couples who are like an ideal example for interracial or inter-cultural adoption. But the fact is that interracial adoption is not that easy. It has many pros and cons which can even take a very serious turn if not handled properly. But when handled with care and affection, the relationship can blossom beautifully.
Reason Why People Go for Interracial Adoption
Your own kid is obviously a very important part of your life but giving this right to the one who is in need and to make him a part of your family is really a great thing to do. From the last few decades, interracial adoption has become a very common thing. However, there are a lot of reasons for adopting a child. Some people believe that adopting a child of different race can help the society to get rid of the racial differences whereas some just adopt a kid irrespective of his race and community. Some of them also go for interracial adoption as they get more choices in terms of age and gender. A survey has shown that one can get the custody of a black kid more easily and quicker than a caucasian kid. This can also be a reason for the adopters to go for interracial adoption. There are many other social causes also which encourage people to help the newborns of the underprivileged and underdeveloped societies. There are a lot of kids who need a family to take care of them and hence, the adoption should not be done keeping racial discrimination in mind.
There have been many objections in the past regarding interracial adoption. People from various communities raised questions on the matter such as child's struggle for identity, inferiority complex regarding the color of the skin, hair type, etc., which may cause many mental and physical problems. In spite of all these interracial adoption issues, there are many who praise and encourage this act of humanity and affection. In the year 1994, Federal government forbade racial consideration in case anyone wants to adopt a kid of another race. For the interracial adoption done from a foster care, proper training is provided as a part of the child adoption process, in order to overcome all the possible problems faced by the parents after the kid is mature enough to understand the situation. But all the negative points can be overcome by simply giving them a loving environment and by helping them to face their racial difference. So, whatever may be the reason behind this adoption, isn't it more important that a family gets a baby and a baby gets a family to live with.
Interracial Adoption Statistics
The following statistics will give you the facts and figures of interracial adoption.
  • According to the survey done by U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, nearly 40% of the adopted children are of different race or community. This shows that there is a huge number of people who support interracial adoption. The mentioned percentage of adoption consists of non-whites, Asian, Hispanic, etc.
  • In the survey, it shows that 35% of the children adopted from the foster care are black whereas internationally they are 3%.
  • It is estimated that 59% of the adopted children internationally are Asian in origin.
  • Interracial adoption statistics show that most of the children available for adoption are non-whites, Asian or from a different origin and most of the adopters are white.
  • A study conducted in 1991, showed that on an average, nearly 2000 African-American children were adopted every year by the Caucasian families.
  • In a survey done by the New York Times, 26% of the black children were adopted by the white parents.
  • In 2008, according to the reports of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers of Disease Control (CDC) nearly 84% of the white adopters were seeking for a black child.
  • But recent studies of 2010 reveal that internationally, the interracial adoption has decreased to nearly 46% from the year 2004 which is a serious matter of concern. But many famous personalities have come forward to encourage interracial adoption by adopting kids from different origin.
Famous Celebrities with Interracial Adoption
The celebrities mentioned in the table can be an ideal example of interracial adoption.

Famous Celebrity Interracial Adoption
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Adopted three kids Maddox Chivan Thornton from Cambodia; Zahara Marley from Africa; and Pax Thien from Vietnam
Madonna Adopted Chifundo James of Malawi
Hugh Jackman Adopted Oscar Maximillian of mixed heritage
Steven Speilberg Adopted two bi-racial kids Theo Spielberg and Mikaela George Spielberg
Sandra Bullock Adopted Louis Bardo Bullock in New Orleans
Tom Cruise Adopted bi-racial kid Connor Antony

So what is your stand for interracial adoption now? I am sure, it is positive. We should treat all kids equally and should ignore any type of racism while adopting a kid. Though adopting an interracial kid can be challenging, by empowering them with self-esteem and love, they can become an inseparable part of our family for sure. Make them a part of your life as they can love you more than you have ever thought of.