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The Elementary Difference Between Baby Pram and Stroller

What's the Difference Between Baby Pram and Stroller?
Both a pram and stroller are modes of baby transport that are used to carry your little one around. But how are they different, or are they?
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018
Did you know...
.. that the first pram was developed by William Kent in 1733, for the Duke of Devonshire to carry his children. It was shaped like a small carriage and was designed to be drawn by small ponies.
There are different ways to carry your baby around, whenever you go for a stroll in the park or head to the shopping mall for some retail therapy. You can opt for on-the-body carriers or settle for a wheeled device, depending on your convenience and that of your baby's. Age is a major criteria when it comes to selecting baby transport, with different makes available for infants and toddlers.

Baby slings, backpack carriers, and soft front carriers are all examples of on-the-body carriers, while prams, buggy chairs, and strollers are all wheeled devices that look like a miniature carriage for your little one. Talking about prams and strollers, many people are clueless on whether to opt for one or the other. This AptParenting article is an effort to throw some light on the utility of each, and brings to you some tips to choose a baby transport for your little angel.
What is a Pram?
The word 'pram' is the short form of perambulator, which is a wheeled baby carrier that is designed such that your baby can sleep in it. It has a flat, cushioned base where you can place your baby in the lying position. The wide canopy attached to the rear of the carriage can be pulled out to cover more than half of the carriage. This ensures that your baby is in a cozy haven, safe from dust, heat, and rain.
What is a Stroller?
A stroller is designed such that your baby can sit upright. It has safety equipment, such as harness and safety belts, to ensure that your little one is safe sitting inside one. Needless to say, a stroller is suitable for infants who have begun to sit. As you can see, a stroller also comes with a hood or a canopy to protect your little one from the elements.
How is One Different From the Other?
A Stroller
♦ Only meant for toddlers who can sit upright
♦ Appears like a chair on wheels
♦ Also known as a pushchair or buggy
♦ Harness and safety belts present
♦ Relatively lightweight and easily portable
♦The chair is closer to the ground
A Pram
♦ Most suitable for newborns and infants
♦ Appears like a Moses basket on wheels
♦ Also known as baby carriage
♦ Harness and safety belts absent
♦ Heavy and bulky. Not easily portable.
♦ The carriage is high above the ground
Types of Prams and Strollers
Now that we have seen the difference between strollers and prams, let us take a brief look at the different types of each.
Types of Prams
There are different types of prams depending on their utility. These are as given below.
3-in-1 Travel System
This is the most convenient option for people who are always on the go. It consists of a pushchair, a cot and a car seat for your baby. The cot is detachable, which means when your baby is fast asleep, you can remove the cot from the chassis of the pram, without having to wake him up.
Baby Pushchair
Baby Pushchair
This is another convenient option as it can be adjusted to serve the purpose of a pram as well as a stroller. You can have a flat seat for your infant, and change it to a chair when he/she is a few months old.
Twin Prams
Twin prams can come extremely handy for parents with twins. Also known as the double pram, the cots can either be side by side, or one behind the other.
In addition to this, there are a host of other ways to customize your pram. You can opt for swivel wheels that facilitate movement in narrow spaces, or choose to have reversible cots.
Types of Strollers
If you can have so many options with prams, how can strollers be far behind? In addition to the standard stroller that you see everyday, here are the different types of strollers for you.
Car Seat Stroller Frame
Car Seat Stroller Frame
This is not a stroller, but just the frame. As the name suggests, just remove your detachable car seat and attach it to the frame and voila! You have a stroller right there in front of you! It is lightweight and portable, and thus makes it to the top of the list of things to carry on the next road trip with your toddler.
Lightweight Strollers
Lightweight Strollers
These strollers can be neatly folded and are extremely lightweight, not weighing more than 15 pounds. What's more, they are quite inexpensive and the ideal baby vehicle for toddlers who love to travel.
Jogging Strollers
Jogging Strollers
These strollers are mounted on three bicycle wheels, and are designed to give a smooth ride. If you're someone who enjoys jogging and long walks and wish to instill the passion for the same in your little one, these strollers are right for you (or for your toddler rather!).
Double and Triple Strollers
Double Strollers
Just like prams that can accommodate more than one baby, you also get double and triple strollers. Convenient if you have twins, you can either have the kids sit next to each other, or one behind the other.
When you go to buy one as a gift or for your own kid, just keep the age of the child in mind. Or better still, choose one that can be used both ways.
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