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Tracking Devices for Children

Tracking Devices for Children

Getting a tracking device for kids is the perfect way to ensure they are safe at all times. But how does this device work and what are some of the best tracking devices for children out there? Find out in the following article...
Sheetal Mandora
First of all, let me go over the main idea about using a tracking device on your kids. As kids begin to go to school and out to play, you can't always keep an eye on them at all times. As child safety is one of the biggest responsibility a parent can have, there is rarely a moment where you can stop worrying about them. Which is why, getting your kids a cell phone which has GPS tracking option is the way to go. Apart from cell phones, there are other types of devices available in market today such as wrist watches and flash GPS reporters. Nowadays, there is a high risk of children getting abducted and this has become a concern for many parents. Getting a device will keep parents informed about their kids' whereabouts at all times and keep them safe as well.

Now many people have a misconception that these devices are meant to spy on kids (or other people). However, the device is not supposed to be looked at in a negative light. What they are supposed to do is help you keep an eye on your kids so that they are away from danger. These devices on cell phones are kept with kids, so that when they are away from their homes, for example, school, playground, picnic, school trip, or some other location, parents can avoid the constant feeling of concern. Well, now that we have gone over some benefits of using this device, why don't we learn about how it actually works. And as you read the rest of the article, you will also find out some of the best devices available in market today.

How Does GPS Tracking Work

Most of the devices are designed to send uninterrupted signals that reach the satellite. Then, this signal is transferred back to the GPS real time tracking system to pinpoint the exact location of whomsoever you are tracking. At any time, parents and/or guardians can log-in into the tracking system through the Internet and get an update on their kids' locations. And it only takes a few seconds before you can get the accurate reading.

An additional feature on these GPS navigation or devices is called the panic button. Let's say, for example, that your kid activates the device, (God forbid) has gone missing, or is in some kind of danger. The signal from the device will send you an automatic alert immediately. Along with the signal being reached to you, the device also has features to alert authorities and the company's monitoring services where you got the device from in the first place. Also, if any areas that are considered dangerous or unsafe for a child, the GPS locator sends the signal to the automatic system instantly.

Topmost Devices

As we discussed earlier that there are various types of GPS tracking, finding the right one for your child can be a confusing task. Which is why, we have provided some devices that have received good customer reviews.
  1. Magellan - eXplorist GC Handheld GPS: This pocket size GPS has a mini USB cable, 18 hours of battery life, water-resistant, and gets a signal even under heavy clouds, wooded areas, and canyons.
  2. GlobalSat TR-102 GPS Talkie Tracker: This GPS device can be used in car, home and on-the-go. The signal is sent through SMS or by GPRS to a back-end call center. You can also use it as a cell phone and make calls to 3 previously-entered numbers.
  3. BrickHouse Child Locator: The device comes with 2 splash proof tag housing key chains. It gives an instant alert to authorities and back to you. Also, the device comes with easy-to-read directions that point you in the right direction and 90-day battery life.
  4. IonKids Child Monitoring System: With the base unit, you also get a wrist tag that is water-resistant and childproof. So when the kids are out playing, the wrist tag won't be in danger of getting damaged. You can interact with your kids while they are out. The device can't be unlocked without a key that comes with the base unit.
  5. Flash GPS Reporter: The device is really tiny and can fit anywhere in the car, backpack, or pockets. It logs up to 240,000 GPS data points which can be viewed via Google Earth. It comes with 90-day rechargeable battery and bears a fast notification technology.
These were some of the best devices you can choose for your kids while shopping for them. Perhaps few of these devices may or may not be available in your local electronics retailer. In that case, you might want to do a bit of research by checking out different retailers to find out which is the most popular device available there.

Even though kids are minor and parents are allowed to make certain decisions for them, it is required that you check with your state's laws and regulations before tracking any individual. You are responsible for knowing, understanding, and abiding by the law and make sure that you don't break them.