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Want to Know the Toys Best-suited for 1 Year Old Boys? We Have Ideas

Toy Ideas For 1-Year-Old Boys
Hunting toys for your 1-year-old boy can be a difficult task given the number of options available today. In this article, we'll see what kind of toys you should prefer, thus making your job of selection a tad easier.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
I'm sure that by now you have realized that your kid cannot be controlled every time by lullabies and bottle feeds. He has developed a considerable sense to understand what entertains him the most. If nothing works, then he resorts to crying, until you give him a toy he wants. Sometimes, it's very confusing to pick up the right toy for your kid because it's very difficult to perceive his taste at the age of one. Parents want toys that can entertain their children and teach them something at the same time. Due to this reason, we see an increase in the number and variety of educational toys.
There are a few things that you should always consider before buying a toy for your kid because they have the tendency to nibble on everything at this age. Make sure the toys are made from a material that is safe to play with. Always remember, one of the most amusing toys for 1-year-old boys is a noise-making toy. When you choose something from the ideas mentioned below, select a variation that makes sound.
Idea #1: Vehicle Set
Boys are always fascinated by vehicles, especially cars. They love to race their cars while generating self-created sounds when the vehicles clash. Vehicle sets consist of several vehicles such as cars, airplane, scooters, trucks, bicycles, etc. This is a great way to introduce your child to the different types of vehicles. A lot of companies manufacture different variations of these sets; what you pick up will solely depend on your budget, and the size you need.
Idea #2: Ball Popper
The plentiful balls in the popper fascinate little boys a lot. The balls are arranged on a track, having a case at the top. The balls constantly roll on the track and kids have to arrange them again and again on the top. This toy can capture the attention of your toddler for a long time. It teaches toddlers that anything that is left from the top, will eventually fall down. Again, there are multiple variations of this game. Select something that has balls the size your toddler can hold.
Idea #3: Leaping Animals
Artificial leaping animals are one of the most enjoyable toys for 1-year olds. These toys are made up of rubber or soft plastic, materials that are considered completely safe. Underneath their body or feet, a glued leaper is attached that aids in jumping. Frogs, rabbits, puppies, cats, etc., are the most common types of jumping toys. Just like with vehicles, you can teach your toddler the different types of animals. Opt for a set of leaping animals that has animals painted in different colors.
Idea #4: Alphabet Blocks
At the age of one, we should expect our toddlers to learn certain alphabets and numerals, if not all of them. But toddlers have a well-developed grasping power. If you teach them properly, they will remember the alphabet or numerical by its form, color, and shape. Later on, you can quiz them with these alphabets, thereby mixing education with play.
  • Farm Sound Blocks
  • Picnic Baskets
  • Bilibo
  • Musical Toys
  • Push Toys
  • Beach Play Set
  • Hit-Me
  • Building Blocks
Decorate his nursery with numerous toys so that he is always entertained and happy. Last but not the least, I must say that you should be watchful while he is playing.
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