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Robot Toys

Robot Toys

The child of the 21st century has changed and so have his toys! His toys are now a reflection of his concept of the world around him, as well as his dreams and aspirations.
Gaynor Borade
Today's children no more derive pleasure out of playing with simple toys. In fact, their demand today is dominated by complicated contraptions that come from just a fraction of their minds! The electronic models are marketed as components that can move and communicate verbally, to enhance the whole 'educational toy' concept. In an era where updated gizmos keep getting better by the day, the wonders of robot toys fit in ever so naturally. These are marketed by a special segment of manufacturers, who cater to the need of the child, to have a companion who can walk and talk in the typical restricted family unit of our times.

Robot Toys Explained

A robot toy is an electronic toy that is the gift of enhanced technology. It is an extremely sophisticated display of technology designed to redefine the playtime, otherwise spent around plastic, plush or soft, or wooden toys. It is a very hip and ultra high-tech mass of blinking lights and beeping sound effects! The ones available in the market today are not only sleek, but also more interactive. Its sales largely depend on the rapidly changing toy commerce and the demand by parents and children for more enhanced features.

Comparison with Video Games

Video games are common place components in the world of electronic gadgets for children. Nevertheless, video games are not considered as robot toys. While video games are just electronic role-playing mind games, robot toys are highly dependent on their interaction with the user. In a video game, the player has a specific goal or task that must be accomplished. The robot toy is a simulation of an animal or human. The toy robots are replicates of human beings, while a video game is an audio visual device to play games on.


There are a number of different types of robot toys available in the global market today. They are all not only very sophisticated, but also costly. There are high tech pets that have caused quite a stir, with their highly innovative designs and life-like actions and movements. Some of the pets can actually fetch and run and even snuggle up to you. Not only are children indulging wholeheartedly in this craze, but even adults are now spending a lot of money on these! They are reflections of the child's obsession with cartoon characters like Bob the Builder and celluloid heroes like Batman!


Robot toys are great educational toys that interact with and within their environment. The toys enable the user to experiment and increase creativity with the fully autonomous components. They have sensors that enable the gizmo to see, hear, and feel, making it the ideal companion. Many are also designed to express a wide range of emotions, while the bio-mechanism enables smooth and natural organic movement.

These have an 'on' and 'off' button that is activated via an infra red programmed remote for optimized performance. They are very sturdy and safe and run on batteries. They are now being manufactured with eco-friendly materials and in compliance with set industry rules and standards.
Batman Lego Minifigure
Bob the Builder Lego Duplo Minifigure
Robot Kitten, Crouching
Little blond boy playing with robot toy at home, indoor.
Video Gamer - Intensity
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