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Punching Bags for Kids

Punching Bags for Kids

A battery less toy which allows your kid to really work out, is a punching bag. To take a look at what types are available, scroll below.
AptParenting Staff
Kids have an unlimited source of zest and activeness. Their energy levels are always set at maximum, as any parent, babysitter and teacher can testify. There needs to be an outlet for channeling all that energy to give us old folks a break from running around! Take the bouncy castle, at fairs and parks, they are great safe places for kids to play. Jungle gyms are another kid occupying tool. But what makes a small, compact and cheap item for home use? The answer is a punching bag. Think about it, it's safe and easy to set up. Punching bags are suitable for all ages, girl and boy inclusive. Also it's a great way to get your kid to exercise and develop a good strong body. A kid tired from a good romp, is a happy kid, which also translates to happy parents and keepers.

Punching Bags for Kids

A word of advice, when it comes to punching bags for kids. You don't want a hang-from-the-ceiling large boxing gym style punching bag in your living room. And if you leave it up to your kids, they love to economize. Why buy an actual punching bag, when there's a younger sister or brother to punch at? To discourage this sort of dangerous intent, it's better when you are left in charge of the actual buying and final approval of the punching bag in question. That being said, here are some makes of punching bags.

Inflatable Punching Bags
An inflatable punching bag is the ultimate type of punching accessory due to its durability, easy storage and quick setup. These bags can be inflated with a tire pump. Some models come with a foot pump. The base is usually weighted, either with sand or water, to give that true bouncy effect. So when you punch or tap the bag, it comes right back at you. This is something to warn younger kids about. When you want to store it, or take it while traveling, simply let the air out and these bags turn flat. So fold them up neatly and fit them anywhere. Check the material used for the bag, to see if it's thick enough. Make sure there are no holes or leaks. For older kids, somber designs and block colors keep the cool status quo, especially if these bags are for martial arts or working out. And for young ones, there are a plethora of colors and designs to catch their fancy, from cartoon characters like Barbie and Superman, to clowns and funny faces.

Free Standing Punching Bags
These models like inflatable punching bags, have a weighted base. The difference is in their design. They are styled like traditional adult boxing bags, but need not be hanged from the ceiling due to their base. The height can be adjusted and set. The base can be filled with either sand or water and are circular, so they can be rolled from place to place. The tube mounted on the base, consists of an inner tube made of foam, with a outer tube of vinyl or nylon. Unlike inflatable models, they do not bounce or ricochet back when hit. These are the best punching bags for kids to practice martial arts and boxing. Their convenient design allows for a complete martial arts workout, free kicks, upper and lower kicks and punching as well. And most models are conveniently sized and take up less floor area.

A punching bag makes a great toy for younger kids, and a safe piece of exercise equipment for older children. And the material they are made of, is tough and easy to clean, making it an outdoor and indoor toy. Most punching bags are waterproof, so they double up as pool toys. By far their greatest advantage is that kids can spend all their energy on them, without breaking them!