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Pros and Cons of Being a Stay-at-home Dad You Probably Didn't Know Of

Pros and Cons of Being a Stay-at-home Dad
What weighs stronger, being the superhero in your child's eyes or providing your child with the luxuries of life? Seeing it from your child's point of view, you benefit being a father, a guide, a caregiver, and most importantly a friend. On the other hand, it spells full-time duty, sacrifice, and no personal life. Are you up for the challenge of being a stay-at-home dad?
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Dads are more fun to be around. Moms can be a bit of a task master, but dads, they are always friends you can turn to for help.
While society, at large, still views the mother to be the sole caregiver for the child, the trend these days shows otherwise. These days, more and more men are opting to put their career at stake, and stay back home to care for their kids. While one reason for this trend could be the fact that women are more career-oriented hence, being emotionally unavailable to care for their offspring. Another could be, a mutual understanding between the spouses. One of the best reasons, most choose this option, is because being a stay-at-home parent allows them to directly influence the child's growth. While all other reasons seem to blur in the distance, the one that stands out most is, the tender love, care and protection meted out by a parent cannot be compared to that of a day care center.

Being a daughter, I can truly claim, having my dad around has been a blessing. Although I spent most of my formative years with mommy dearest, the times spent with dad are still cherished. The whole point I am trying to bring out is that, while a mom definitely takes first preference in a child's life, the presence of a father in the formative years is equally essential. The best part about having daddy dearest around is that their soothing presence puts the child at ease.
Being a Stay-at-home Dad, you get to...
Man playing with baby
... Play
Boy learning cycle
... Guide
Father teaching son
... Teach
My career I can make, Your innocence I can't fake
By being a full-time dad, you get to enjoy the pure pleasures that a child brings in. More importantly, you get to contribute to the most important stage of your child's growth. This includes witnessing those very first of firsts. A child's innocence, for one, is to be enjoyed as long as it lasts, and the best way to do that, is to shun the day care center and simply be there for your child.
Father and son in kitchen
... Experiment
Father son eating
... Learn
Father walking with son
... Be Aware
Dad to Super dad, ain't that wonderful?
By spending time teaching and molding your child, you do not lose out on anything. On the contrary, you get the label of a super dad. You get to be there to break that fall and to shield from all harm, besides you get to be their friend, and their confidante. Undoubtedly, the pleasure you get being your child's superhero is nothing compared to the pay hike you get at work.
Father teaching fishing to son
... Bond
Father son playing
... Enjoy
Boy hugging leg of father
... Multitask
Success has a new name - Daddy
Being a father, being a friend, those are the things that make me feel successful. ~ William Hurt
Being a full-time daddy, you spend that much more time with your kids. Which means, you get more time to create beautiful memories. This just means you develop more patience, understanding and thus, become better managers. Success is just a step away then, don't you think?
Family watching tv
... Bridge the gap
Man washing clothes
... Work
Happy family
... Spread Smiles
Enjoy family life
Your kid is happy, protected, cared for. You are happy, your wife is happy, and so is your child. All in all, one big happy family. Need I say more?
The Downside of it all...
Photo entertainer
... Tagged as Entertainer
Father with kids
... House-husband
Friends drinking beer
... Miss the Fun
It's always daddy day care
There goes your independence and carefree days. By constantly being there for your kids and family, you do not get time for yourself. You get tagged as the entertainer or the family clown. You begin to miss enjoying game sessions with your friends. Why? Because you are always too busy doing household chores and attending to the kids.
Of course, a social recluse
You sacrifice your work, your career, and your ambitions. You undoubtedly become a social outcast, and yes, to top it all, there's a fat chance of depression setting in. All this at the cost of attending to your child. What's worst, you do not get time for yourself, forget your friends.
All in all, being a stay-at-home dad is definitely not an easy job but once you get the hang of it, it won't be quite a task. Besides, the only reason you should be taking up the responsibility is to keep your child away from stress and harm in his/her formative years.