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Problems of Young Adults

Problems of Young Adults

There are several problems that young adults face. In the following article we shall shed more light on some of the problems of young adults and understand how to solve them.
AptParenting Staff
Being a young adult has got to be one of the most difficult times in a person's life. You're at a stage where you don't feel like a child anymore and neither do you feel ready to take up all the responsibilities that adulthood brings with it. At this base juncture of turning into an adult and being able to take care of yourself, there are several and varied issues that can plague a young adult. These issues and problems span over a diverse field and affect all aspects of their life. It is these problems that we will be talking about.

The term problems of young adults is very broad and can span over several areas. In order to streamline it a little, these problems have been divided into emotional and physical problems. In the article that follows, we shall get into a little more detail regarding these two areas.

Emotional Issues

There are several emotional problems that young adults face. This has mostly got to do with their age and with change in their hormones. Let us look at some of these in more detail.

Need to Express
In this age, there is a need for expression of thoughts and feelings. But since they have not been living in society and know nothing about societal pressures and constraints, they do not understand that this need to express themselves cannot be used in whichever way they want, but has to be used with discretion. They therefore often experience the 'foot in mouth' syndrome and find it difficult to deal with pressures of mincing their words.

Need to be an Independent Adult
This is where the problems of discipline arise. There is a need to be an independent adult, yes, but they haven't learned the ropes of it yet and therefore when parents try to discipline them, they want to rebel and oppose and put forth their rights as adults. It is due to this that they often go through the 'no one understands me' phase, which can lead to varied problems like anger and frustration or gloom.

Need for Acceptance
At this stage the need to be with others of their own age is primal. Being a part of a group, developing healthy relationships, and getting acceptance from them is of prime importance. And as it usually happens, there are bound to be misunderstandings and clashes in a group. When that happens, they often get into a self-pitying mode of how no one understands them.

Need to Succeed
There is an innate need to stand on their own feet and prove themselves and their capabilities to the world. If there is any hurdle in that path, it leads to varied psychological problems like stress, depression, and anger.

Physical Issues

The change in hormonal levels, stress, unhealthy lifestyles (food, drink), lack of exercising, and keeping late hours, among others can all lead to acne in a young adult.

Obesity has become a more common problem in the recent years because of the sedentary lifestyles that have been adopted. Lack of exercising and eating unhealthy foods causes this problem to arise. Along with it being a physical problem, there are several other problems caused by obesity as well. It is also a psychological problem and leads to other body problems like heart and high blood pressure.

The amount of organs and bodily functions that there are in the body, those and more is the scope for bodily problems to arise. But the more common problems that can arise are issues that are related to memory. This is because, stress and depression are the main culprits as far as memory loss in young adults is concerned. Along with that, there are thyroid problems as well that make a common appearance, as do eating disorders.

Now that you know what some problems of young adults can be, it'll help you be prepared, or if you're already facing them, it'll help you to seek help and treatment for the same.
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