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Review of Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

With a baby in the house, his safety and security should be of the highest quality. Pressure mounted baby gates are one of the safety equipment fencing your toddler. Here is more on this.
AptParenting Staff
Twinkle toes no longer remain tucked in the crib. They want to travel in all the possible ways. They are restless and curious about all that seems new. Their freedom for movement sometimes gets parents worrying about their safety. After all, you give your best of vigilance, but even a moment of negligence can cause the damage. At such times, baby gates prove to be of good help. They are designed to protect him form accidents. Besides, they also prevent him from entering certain areas of the house. They are of two types, viz., the hardware mounted and the pressure mounted. The hardware mounted gate is designed to mount it directly with the help of brackets, often with a door walk through. Pressure mounted ones work on two parts ― a spring or any other mechanism that accentuates tension and presses the two parts against the wall.

Pressure Mounted Gates for Small Kids

These safety gates are easy to install and they work well, but they can also be moved with weight. They are a good choice for people who do not want to filter the walls with holes and prefer movable and temporary placement of the baby gate. Their width can be adjusted with the use of a bar or knob, that creates strong pressure to fix them in the desired place. They are easy to install, light in weight to travel with, and can be easily packed. They are best used at level floors or at the bottom of the stairs. It is not advisable to use them at the top of stairs, as there is a risk of them slipping out of place due to shaking and pressure, and hence resulting into an accident.


The First Years Hands Free Gate: It simply opens with a foot pedal, and the push of your knee. Once you are through, it closes on its own with another nudge. Its door opens in both the directions. Another feature is that it will make a click sound once the door relatches again, so you do not have to worry about checking if the door has been locked or not.

Dream Baby Swing Closed Security Gate Combo: This strong and durable gate can be easily opened by one hand, and it automatically swings to close. It has an attractive and sleek appearance that makes it suitable for your house interiors. It also includes two matching extensions.

Safety First Perfect Fit Baby Gate: It is designed keeping in mind the primary job of a safety gate ― a barrier. It has translucent panels that prevent climbing over it, and eliminate any climb issues. It has a color-coded visual indicator that will display the status of the gate, whether it is locked or released. It has an auto adjust that manages to fix base moldings and uneven entry ways. The top handle manages all three functions of lock, release, and adjust. It is perfect for a barrier just like its name.

Lindam Easy Fit Pressure Mounted Safety Gate: This one with a 'U' shaped power frame will give you a strong pressure and fitting. It has a squeeze handle for one-handed opening and it comes with extensions so you can fix it in wide spaces also.

Evenflo Soft and Wide Crosstown Gate: It is made of nylon and mesh, rather than plastic and metal as in most safety gates. It is easy, portable, and comes with a travel bag that makes it even more convenient to carry.

Other Brands
  • Evenflo Extra-Wide Soft Gate
  • Kidco Gateway Pressure Gate
  • Kidco Center Pressure Gate
  • Evenflo Summit Pressure Mounted Metal Gate
  • Regalo Easy Step Walk Through Gate
  • Supergate Easy Close Gate Metal
You will need to check before choosing a good brand for stairs, considering the safety and strength. You may want to look for options that give you the strength of hardware mounted gates and the portability and convenience of pressure mounted gates.