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Games That Help You Identify Good Peer Pressure From Bad

Peer Pressure Games
What can be better than to learn things through games? Here are a few games for kids and youth too, that will help them understand peer pressure in a better way. Read on to know more!
Neha Rajan Deshmukh
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Peers are acquaintances which knowingly or unknowingly influence your way of living. The effects of their influence can vary from person to person. Peer pressure is experienced by almost every person in various stages of life. One may succumb to it completely, while the other may just be partially influenced. Here are a few games to help us understand, how peers can influence our decisions.
Peer Pressure Activities and Games
These games make learning fun! We like it when things are taught through the medium of games. It makes us understand certain things in an easier way. We feel comfortable, and hence comprehend the subject clearly.
We Can
This is one of the peer pressure games for young people that can be played by more than four people. The first step is to divide everyone into equal groups of members. Once the teams have been formed, one group head has to be appointed. Each team is given a small problem and is asked to find out an appropriate solution to it. The following problems can be discussed:
  • A friend of yours has started smoking. He wants you to try it out too. How will you act in such a situation? Will you try it out, or explain to him as to why he should not be doing it?
  • All your friends are going for a late night movie. One of your friends will not be able to come, as his parents are not permitting him. What will you do in such a situation?
  • A friend of yours has failed in an examination because he never liked the subject. He insists on quitting, as he is very disheartened. How will you tackle this situation?
Once the problem has been solved, the team head is asked to justify the answer given by his team. This game focuses on team building and leadership.
Speak the Truth
This is a game where people are made to sit in a circle. Each person gets to ask a question to the person sitting next to him / her. The rule is that nobody can skip the question. A true answer is a must. Following questions can be asked:
  • Tell me two negative traits about yourself.
  • Do you believe in ghost stories? If yes, why?
  • Tell me two things which you are afraid of. Why?
This game helps the individual to open up and discuss their fears, strengths and weaknesses. This is a game that can even be played with kids.
Decide at Once
This is a game which children between the ages of 14 to 17 years can play.
  • An anchor is appointed and he gives two choices. Each child has to quickly choose one of them.
  • The room is divided into two parts, one for each choice. For example, if the anchor says "chocolates or ice-creams", then the children in support of chocolates move to the right and those in support of ice-creams move to the left. This way, a quick decision-making ability can be inculcated in them.
  • As time passes, the questions can become tricky!
The fact that some children simply move to a side because their friends have chosen that side, is clearly observed.
Let's Sleep Like Lions
This is a funny game which children of any age can play. It is helpful to observe how children respond to peer pressure.
  • In this game, every child is made to lie down on the ground and close his eyes. He who opens his eyes the last, wins the game!
  • There has to be an anchor who will keep on speaking and alerting the children, just to make them open their eyes.
  • Children who easily surrender are eliminated, and thus the game advances.
  • In the end, only one child remains.
It is observed that children tend to do what their friends are doing or wanting to do. They fail to have their own say. This game checks the same!
How to Say 'No'
This is a game where a leader is appointed. He has a set of questions that are to be asked to the other players. The questions are such that their answers should be a negation. The leader and the players have to pretend as if it is a real life situation, and then act accordingly. This game teaches the players to say 'No' to certain things. Many a time, people find it tough to refuse a proposal. This game will help them out! The following questions can be asked:
  • I have a plan! We can bunk school tomorrow and go for a movie. Will you come with me?
  • Will you complete my assignments for today? I have an important appointment to attend to. I hope you don't mind.
  • You have a party at your place and you don't want to invite a particular person. That person comes to know about it and asks you whether he could come.
Hence, this game tests your ability to refuse convincingly and not succumb to the peer pressure.
These games will surely have a positive effect on the players. After the games are played, you can tell them that no matter how pressurized you feel, you can always have your own say. You have equal right to approve and reject. Children tend to forget this and follow wrong tracks. These games can surely do their bit and help them understand how to avoid certain influences. I hope you like them! Have fun!
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