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Packing Checklist While Traveling With a Baby

Packing Checklist While Traveling With a Baby

Are you planning to travel with your bundle of joy in the near future? Well, if yes, then you must go through AptParenting's baby travel checklist, to avoid any inconvenience during your trip.
AptParenting Staff
Carry a shawl while traveling with a baby; this will give you and your baby privacy while breastfeeding in public.

When it comes to traveling, appropriate packing has no other alternative. You need to use a few smart packing tricks to travel light and happy, and these tricks will surely come to you after a few trial- and error-based packing methods. However, if you are packing heavier and heavier every year, which is keeping you from enjoying your trip due to the sheer exhaustion of carrying your luggage around, then you need help. Traveling light, but with all the essentials, is a sign of a good traveler.

Packing becomes even more important when you are traveling with a baby. You cannot afford to forget anything, as it might not only inconvenience you, but may also create health problems for the baby. Though babies tend to sleep most of the time, you will be surprised at the amount of things that you will need to carry along to make your journey relaxing and comfortable, not to mention safe for your little one as well. Here is a checklist of the items that you should take along with you while traveling with a baby.

*Click anywhere on the checklist to print it.

  • Travel Gear
  • □ Car seat (while traveling by plane or car)
  • □ Stroller
  • □ Portable crib/playpen
  • □ Push chair
  • Food and Drink Supplies/Essentials
  • □ Powdered baby formula
  • □ Baby cereal (ready to mix)
  • □ Easy-to-feed fruits like banana (if the baby eats)
  • □ Water flask
  • □ Breast pump
  • □ Washable and reusable bibs
  • □ Extra bottles
  • □ Sterilizing equipment
  • □ Breast pads (for breastfeeding moms)
  • □ Baby spoons
  • □ Sip cups
  • □ Milk bottle
  • □ Pacifier (if the baby uses one)
  • □ Baby bottle brush
  • □ Cereal bowls
  • □ Medication
  • □ First-aid kit
  • □ Thermometer
  • □ Nasal spray (to treat congestion)
  • □ Tonics and vitamins
  • □ Diaper rash cream
  • □ Mosquito repellent cream (safe for the baby)
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • □ Casual wear
  • □ Dressy wear
  • □ Bathing suit
  • □ Underwear
  • □ Towels
  • □ Couple of blankets
  • □ Sweater
  • □ Shoes
  • □ Socks
  • □ Floppy hat
  • □ An inflatable tub
  • Diaper Essentials
  • □ Diapers (keep extra sets)
  • □ Diaper bag
  • □ Changing pads
  • □ Diaper wipes
  • □ Old newspapers
  • Toiletries
  • □ Sunscreen
  • □ Laundry soap
  • □ Tissues
  • □ Handwash
  • □ Nail clippers
  • □ Baby lotion
  • □ Plastic bags (carry enough of them)
  • □ Bath toys
  • □ Baby soap and shampoo

Some Useful Tips

► Make sure you carry extra clothes for yourself in case of an emergency.
► Use a diaper bag that has a waterproof lining and a shoulder strap.
► Try to keep all the baby essentials in one suitcase.
► To prevent leakage from the toiletries and medicine bottles, pack them in a resealable plastic bag.
► Take into account the weather conditions of the destination you are heading to, and plan the clothing and accessories of the baby accordingly.

Get this easy, printable checklist now and begin with your packing. Remember to start packing a few days before you leave, to avoid the last minute rush. You can print this checklist and pin it up on a board, or put it on your refrigerator, where you can easily see it, so that you don't forget anything. Have a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable trip.