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Newborn Necessities Checklist

Newborn Necessities Checklist

In order to welcome your sweetheart tension-free and peacefully, you need to prepare a newborn necessities checklist. The following article has a checklist, specially designed for you, which you can carry to the store while shopping...
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A newborn baby requires a lot of care and attention from the mother. Every mother wants to make her baby be as comfortable in the hospital as possible, which is why the need for a newborn necessities checklist is a must. Even though your bundle of joy looks adorably cut and small, he/she will require some essential items.

The following checklist is divided in different segments for various purposes. This list will help your newborn baby sleep well, stay warm, fed, and clothed without you worrying too much about it.

You can also print this newborn necessities checklist to help make things easy while shopping for items.

Important Items to Purchase

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Clothing Essentials Diaper Essentials
8 undershirts, mix short-sleeve and long-sleeve 2 packs of disposable baby diapers
5 knitted caps 1 pack of disposable baby wipes
3 nightgowns, use till the cord falls off 12 cloth diapers
2 soft sweaters 12 diaper pins
8 one-piece stretchy sleepers with zippers Diaper rash cream
4 pairs of pants 1 diaper pail & diaper bag
2 newborn hats 7 waterproof covers
7 pairs of socks or booties Disposable wipes
7 bodysuits that snap Waterproof pad during diaper change
2 pairs of scratch mittens  
2-3 fancy outfits Bathing Essentials
2 jackets Cotton swabs
   First aid kit
Feeding Essentials 1 bottle body wash
10 burp cloths 2 hooded soft towels
5-6 bottles, if you're bottle feeding 2 plastic bathtubs
1 breastfeeding pillow 2 packs of baby washcloths
Breast pads 1 baby body wash with shampoo
Insulated bottle holder Baby nail clippers
Baby bottle sterilizer Separate laundry detergent for infants
2-3 milk storage containers Soft-bristled hair brush
1 breast pump  
Plenty of bibs Safety Essentials
5-6 nursing bras Covers for all outlets
1 lotion for sore nipples Locks for cabinets
Bottle and nipple brush Bumpers for fireplace
Baby formula Safety gates around the house & stairs
1 thermal bottle carrier Cord winders
Locks for toilets
Bedtime Essentials Lock for oven
1 thick blanket, depends on weather Earthquake straps (depending on location)
1 crib Bath tub spout cover
2 crib mattresses Digital baby thermometer
2-3 waterproof mattress covers 1 infant safety seat in car
4-5 fitted sheets for crib 1 stroller that reclines
3-4 light baby blankets Bulb syringe for suctioning mucous
2-3 waterproof pads to place under baby 2 medicine spoons
1 light comforter 1 eye medicine dropper
Waterproof liners for mattress 1 changing table
Rocking chair (optional)
Newborn Memories Essentials Playpen
Digital camera 1 baby carrier
Camcorder 2-4 pacifiers
Scrapbook or photo album 2 baby monitors
Baby journals Night lights
Picture frames Rattles & baby toys
Personalized plate 1 clothing hamper
Kit for hand and foot prints Nursery artwork
Keepsake box Washable window curtains
Closet hangers Printables

When it comes to babies, you can never have enough. Be sure to ready the hospital bag and the house bag before you have to leave for the hospital itself. There are always times when parents think that they've missed something or could purchase other essential items. Also, there are many first-time parents that get swamped with advertisements, advice, and suggestions for all the newborn baby "must-have" items. The above customized newborn necessities checklist will help you make the distinction between necessity and convenience. Make the transition for your newborn as smooth as possible and plan ahead of time to avoid haste.
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