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Learning Toys for 2 Year Olds

Educational And Fun Learning Toys for 2 Year Olds

Learning toys serve as vital mainstays for the period when your kid is crossing over the transition phase from being a newborn to a toddler.
Rajib Singha
As children step their little foot in their second year, they are introduced to a whole new world. As I said, this period is attributed as the transition phase of children; right from walking to knowing and exploring different things. Parents are always there to walk their child through the different paths of life, and just to add to their effort there are learning toys, some of which are tailored to improve and enhance developmental skills.
Learning Toys Suitable for 2 Year Old Kids
The Twilight Sea Turtle
Available in shades of blue, green and aquamarine, this toy has a hard plastic shell on its back that projects constellations of stars, and animal figures on any wall and ceiling. These projections are of the color ocean blue, emerald green or a combination of the two. Along with teaching about the stars and animals, this toy creates a magical atmosphere in the baby's room, and lulls the baby to sleep.

Estimated price - $29.95
Learn to Dress Monkey
This one comes with the feature of enhancing the child's motor skills. There are 11 dressing activities which you can involve your child in with this toy. Brightly colored and adorable, this soft toy comes to you with real socks, button, hook, removable apparels and more.

Estimated price - $34.99
Hide 'N Squeak Eggs
This learning toy comprises 6-funny faced eggs. They are kept inside a yellow container, and they can be cracked open to reveal colorful chicks. It is more fun when these chicks cheep when they are pressed. The game helps your kid's organizational skills as here, each egg has to be placed in the right shaped hole in the box.

Estimated price - $7.25
Shape Sorting Clock
The shape sorting clock is one of the popular learning toys for babies. This toy is built to teach your child color and shapes and later, numbers and even time telling. Here, each number block is shaped differently, and it has to placed in its right place in the clock. So while sorting shapes, your kid can also play time telling.

Estimated price - $4.98
Pound a Peg
Pound a peg, as the name suggests, gives your kid the pleasure to pound and bang! This toys improves toddlers' hand and eye coordination. Also, it enhances shape, color and size differentiation skills. It comprises a smoothly finished wooden hammer and eight brightly colored pegs.

Estimated price - $8.53
Shapes Sound Puzzle
This learning toy helps your 2 year old to recognize sounds, and different colors and shapes. This toy comprises pieces of different shapes and colors. And when each of them is placed in the right spot in the puzzle board, it makes a sound.

Estimated price - $13.99
Snap N Learn Caterpillars
Creativity with colors is the purpose of playing with this toy. While learning colors, shapes, sizes and patterns, your kid would have to build caterpillars as he/she likes. As the name suggests, this activity requires snapping and pulling, and so it is great in improving dexterity and muscles of your child's hands. Your child would get to play with 15 pieces using which he/she can build 3 caterpillars.

Estimated price - $19.08
Pretty Purse Fill & Spill
Role-playing is one of the most beneficial activities for growing kids. It gives the child a glimpse of what the real world is like. In this toy, the play includes placing and removing objects into and from a cute little purse. Your kid would get to play with a chiming cell phone, some keys in a key ring, a small purse for keeping coins, and a mirror (don't worry, it is compact and absolutely child-safe). This pretend fun game improves your kid's dexterity and more importantly, his/her imagination.

Estimated price - $13.99
Note: the prices of the items mentioned above may vary from store to store.
So, these were a few examples of some interesting and fun toys for your 2 year old to play with. Before bringing them home, know more about their features and price from the shops to get the best deal for you, and the best toy for your child!