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Important Values for Children

Values That are Important for a Healthy Development of Children

Principals and ethics are essential elements that determine the course of our life. It is, therefore, necessary to instill important values in children, to help them grow into better human beings.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Children are like wet clay, you can mold them in any shape. Moreover, they are quick learners, and absorb everything around them with their audio-visual senses. The course of one's adult life depends upon what they learn in their childhood. Thus, the standards that are inculcated in young ones, determine what they will grow up to become. Hence, it is the prime responsibility of caregivers to imbibe certain moral values in young children. Since they tend to mimic the behavior of adults, the parents will also need to practice those values in their life. Thus, this task can be both simple or daunting, depending upon your own approach.
Important Values for Children

Today's kids are super-smart, and there is no topic under the sun, that they aren't aware of. However, this also means that they lose their innocence too early, and attain maturity at a very young age. Also, in this world, full of crime and dishonesty, it is imperative that you teach your child a few basic values in order to survive.
At a very young age, children are extremely honest and truthful. However, as they grow old, they enter the world of lies. This is because there are so many factors that influence them, such as other kids, adults, certain fears, etc. Hence, it is important that you explain the importance of honesty to your child. Assure him that you will be there for him always, and that he must not tell lies to get away with some wrong deed.
If you and your spouse respect each other and the rest of your family, it will positively influence your child. Also, it is important to respect your child so that in future, he learns to respect his subordinates and other people who are not his equals.
Manners and Discipline
The importance of good manners and gracious behavior cannot be expressed in words. Simple words like 'please', 'thank you', 'sorry', and 'excuse me' go a long way in creating one's impression in life. Thus, always ask your child to talk politely with others, no matter who they are. Similarly, discipline is of utmost importance in building one's character. A self-disciplined person always emerges victorious, no matter what. Assert the importance of manners and discipline to your child by giving suitable examples.
Today's families are nuclear families with a single child. Working parents, who do not have time for their children, try to compensate for it, in terms of material things. Thus, the child gets what he/she wants, without asking for it. With no sibling around, there is no question of sharing anything with anyone, which makes the child extremely self-centered. This may cause trouble in adulthood, where one needs to make several adjustments and compromises to accommodate others in his/her life. Hence, allow your young one to mingle with other kids who are less privileged, and let him/her share their possessions with them occasionally. This way, your kid will experience the joy of giving and sharing.
Take Responsibility for Your Actions
This is one important value of life which helps your child grow into a responsible adult. Make your kid take responsibility for his/her deeds, whether good or bad. Taking the onus of their mistakes will help them understand that they alone are responsible for their acts, and hence, entitled to punishment. Inculcating this value in early age prevents youngsters from developing into incompetent whiners who blame others for their mistakes.
Love is the most important and beautiful quality in our life. It is very easy and natural to love our near and dear ones, but not everyone can do so unconditionally. Teach your children the importance of loving others, even enemies. Teach them to forget, and forgive others for their mistakes, because holding grudges only makes life more miserable. Also, do not confine love to humans alone; teach your child to treat animals too, with love and compassion.
These values not only help your child evolve into a better person, but also affect you in a positive manner. This process of teaching important values to your child will also make you far more compassionate towards others.
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