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Great Tips for the Daddy-to-be on How to Prepare for Fatherhood

How to Prepare for Fatherhood
Just as a woman has baby blues, so does a man. Becoming a father can be quite a phenomenal change in your life. Are you prepared? Find out how you can prepare yourself for fatherhood.
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
First and foremost, if you are reading this, I am guessing you are about to become a father; hence I must congratulate you! So heartiest congratulations. You are about to embark on a life long journey that is going to be with its challenges and ups and down. But someone very rightly said, "It is great to be a father, but to be an expectant father is divine!" Becoming a parent is as much a transforming experience for a man as it is for a woman. Once a father, always a father. Your world is about to change forever; and even though that may intimidate you, let me assure you it is amazing to become a father. I remember how my brother was full of self-doubt, but how he was the first one to hold his son in his hands, even before my sister-in-law did. Parenting is a full-time and an unpaid job, agreed. But when you see your kids grow up and become successful people in life, believe me - it feels awesome!

Institutes like The National Parenting Center help parents be informed about all sorts of parenting issues and how to deal with them. It would be a good idea to take a look at their official website. Apart from that, here are a few personal tips on preparing for fatherhood.
Preparing for Fatherhood? Make Sure You...
... Read
Couple reading book
What? - Books about pregnancy, parenthood.
Contrary to common belief, these books are really quite helpful. Find out about stores in your city which offer such books and pay them a visit. Pick up books written by renowned gynecologists, psychologists. You can even pick up books written by ordinary people about their journey as a parent. It helps to read about personal experiences along with professional guidance.
... Talk
To? - Your father, friends who are fathers, and of course the Gynecologist.
Talk to as many people as you can. Find out how they went through the journey you have embarked upon. Who better than your own father to begin with? Other people may hide the fears and insecurities they probably felt; but your father won't lie to you! But you need more than just personal experiences and tales. So make sure to talk to the gynecologist as well.
... Listen
To? - Your wife.
Your wife is probably going through a lot more than you - and it always helps to know you are not alone. Use the nine months of pregnancy judiciously to build a strong rapport with your wife. Lend her an ear when she needs to talk. Seek her advice at becoming a parent - parenthood is hardwired into women! Come home early from work. Get your wife flowers. Cook a meal for her. Keep her happy. Most importantly - HEAR HER OUT.
... Accompany
Pregnant Couple Shopping
Who? - Your wife.
Take the time out to accompany your wife to all kinds of trips - to the gynecologist, to yoga classes, to shopping, to the grocery store as well. It will give you the opportunity to understand from the most subtle to the most conspicuous of changes taking place in your life. Buying baby clothes, baby food, crib, toys for your baby will help inculcate the feeling of being a father in you.
... Plan
Father raising his daughter
What? - Your life ahead.
Being a father means having to do a lot of things, as well as giving up on a few (at least for a while). Plan your life, and that of your family, ahead. By plan I do not mean micro-manage. But planning will help you envision yourself as a father, taking decisions, providing for your baby. See yourself spending time with your boy/girl... going to the amusement park, going to watch the next Toy Story movie, dropping him/her off to school.
Movies can help us understand, deal with and prepare for a lot of real life situations. Hence, I advise you to watch some movies about fatherhood, that you can watch as you wait for the arrival of your prince or princess. They will lift some tension off your shoulders and make you feel less gloomy or intimidated and more cheerful! Finally, here is one miracle tip - act on your instincts. They run to guide us when our rationality and practicality fails us. I hope you have a healthy baby and become the best father in the world! (You will always be the best father for your boy/girl... no matter what; and that is only one of the many joys of becoming a father.)
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