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How to Choose a Perfect Play Kitchen for Your Little Chef at Home

How to Choose a Perfect Play Kitchen
Play or toy kitchens are an integral part of early childhood, and kids learn their initial lessons of life through this toy. Kitchen sets have kept pace with the changing times, and to choose a perfect play kitchen set for your kids, here are a few tips.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018
Kitchen On Batteries!
Most popular play kitchens have light and sound features that operate on batteries. Hence, it's essential to have enough spare batteries on hand before assembling the play unit for the kids.
A play kitchen has been a popular toy for ages, and newer types of toy kitchens are getting launched in the market every other day. Kids spend endless time with their toy kitchen sets, which calls for you to choose a perfect toy kitchen for them. We at Buzzle, have listed the most important points to consider while buying a play kitchen for your kids.
Toy kitchens are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, with unique features and accessories. However, the most popular toy kitchen sets are modern, country, retro, and a space-saving play kitchen set. Each of these models are equipped with all the basic as well as certain additional features depending on the creativity of their manufacturers.
Age Group and Kids' Interests
It is the most important factor to be considered before making a toy kitchen purchase. These play units are designed for specific age group, and you should specify the age group you want to buy the play kitchen for. The age factor is important because the progress of every age group is unique, which, in turn, makes their understanding of a kitchen also unique. Depending on these factors, the toy kitchen models are designed and loaded with accessories and features that are specific to a particular age group and their capabilities.
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Remember, even the smallest play kitchen set is going to acquire a decent amount of space in your room, and hence, planning for it beforehand is advisable. Measure the area that you want your toy kitchen to occupy, and remember those measurements at the time of purchase. The dimensions of every kitchen set are included in its details, so ensure that you check them before buying a particular model.

The size of the toy kitchen also matters, when it comes to the kid's access to the kitchen. A huge kitchen may prevent younger kids from reaching the features on top, whereas a very small kitchen would eliminate that fun element from an older kid's play.
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Materials Used
If you look at lower-priced kitchen models, they are made of flimsy plastic, which lacks sturdiness and durability. The toy kitchens that are made with molded plastic tend to be tougher and can survive for longer. Also, there are certain manufacturers who believe in the toughness of wood, and hence, carve their kitchen models in either plywood or even hardwood. At the end of the day, it's your call to decide whether you want a plastic, plywood, or hardwood toy kitchen for your kid, depending on other factors of suitability.
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Features and Accessories
It is extremely important to be aware of the features and accessories that a popular toy kitchen incorporates. The common features that all popular toy kitchens include are, a sink, refrigerator, and the stoves. If you come across a model that has certain additional accessories, which are too tempting to resist, prevent yourself from buying it impulsively. Consider the utility, necessity, and suitability of that particular accessory for your kid's age.
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There are several concerns regarding the durability of the toy kitchen, and these should be sorted out before making the purchase. The age group that is eligible for playing with toy kitchens is quite large, including kids as young as 2 years to kids as old as 8 years. The first and foremost thing to decide is, whether you want the play kitchen to last for a year or so, or you want it to last for quite a few years.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying a kitchen, like, is your kitchen model capable of covering the entire age range that is mentioned above? Do you think, buying a smaller and cheaper model that is suitable for the child's current age, and donating it later when the child grows older, is a better option?, etc. Once you find answers to these questions, choosing a toy kitchen will become easier.
Although most popular toy kitchens include almost all the accessories, there are certain models that don't have anything extra than the basic utensils. Hence, it would be wiser to buy some extra utensils and other accessories along with the play kitchen set to make it even more enjoyable for your kids.