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Instructables to Abide By: How to Make Hooded Bath Towels

How to Make Hooded Bath Towels
Hooded bath towels are an essential accessory for your beloved little one. Leaf through this article to understand the process to make the Hooded bath towels.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Hooded bath towel is a product that is easily available in the market. However, when you are making everything special for your little one, your touch is a must. A hooded bath towel is a convenient wrap for your baby. Your baby wrapped in it looks endearing and makes you to cuddle her all the more. It is specifically designed to dry the head when she takes a luxurious head bath. It is available in various designs and colors to choose from.
The Procedure
Making a hooded towel is not a task. It is indeed child's play, provided you have basic sewing skills to complement your endeavor!
You Need:
  • Hand towel
  • Bath towel
  • Measuring tape
  • and Sewing machine
  • First and foremost you need to make the hood. The hand towel that you have selected should be washed and dried thoroughly.
  • You must decide which side would be the one that will have a direct contact with the baby's skin. Make sure that the inner side is soft as the baby would be wrapped into it.
  • Check the material and ensure that the texture delivers warmth and does not prove harsh for her skin.
  • Measure the width of the hand towel with the measuring tape.
  • Then, fold it in such a manner that two halves are formed. Slit them. Through this activity, you make sure that the towel becomes appropriate to make a hood.
  • Add some appliques, stitches, or make an embroidery on the outer side of the hood.
  • If you are getting muddled as to what would be the front side of the hood, here is a quick help for you. Keep in mind that the side that is cut, is opposite the finished edge. The edge will be the front of the hood.
  • The towel can be folded into two halves with the outer side together to form a square.
  • The seam that has been formed due to the stitching must be turned inside out. The seam when opened, will form a triangle shape.
  • Place the bath towel in such a way that the inner side is facing upwards. Measure and mark the center of the towel, so that you are aware of the exact location where the hood has to be placed.
  • Place the hood. The hood seams must face the outer side of the towel.
  • You could secure the hood temporarily by pining it on both the sides.
  • Stitch the hood to the towel.
  • You may stitch some designs on the towel that are similar to the hood.
  • Your hooded bath towel is ready.
Sewing machine with fabric and tape
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