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Tear-free Homemade Bubble Bath for Kids... Yeah That Ology Way!

Homemade Bubble Bath for Kids
Do you want to give your kids a real treat? Well, give them a luxurious bubble bath! It is better that candy treats because bubble baths have health benefits too.
Urvashi Pokharna
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Every child loves a bubble or foam bath. In fact, I am pretty sure most of us have a childhood picture of them playing with bubbles in the bath. It can be used as a reward for your child's good behavior or you can even use it to coax your kids to have a bath over the weekends. If you are worried that giving a weekly foam bath to your children could be very expensive, then you haven't heard of the joys of creating one using ingredients available in your kitchen and your bathroom! Yes, I am talking about homemade bubble or foam bath for kids. Most parents think making a homemade bubble bath is a complicated process, so they shy away from it entirely. Often bubbles disappear within a few minutes and the children become disappointed. Also, parents are scared that the chemicals may steal the moisture from their children's skin or make them tearful. A homemade foam bath can be a economic, safe, simple and fun way to spend time with them on weekends and create memories that you will cherish when they grow up. You need to try to believe it.
Smiling baby in bathtub
2 cups grated/ liquid Castile soap
8-10 drops of essential oils
½ cup coconut oil/ olive oil
2 tbsp honey
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
4 cups distilled water
collage of apple vinegar, coconut oil,honey, oil and liquid soap
Mix together all the ingredients. Ensure that Castile soap liquidates and mixes well with other ingredients. For this, you may want to prepare this recipe well before running the bath or you may grate it to quicken the process. Allow it to settle and thicken. Castile soap is made from natural products. You may also use your favorite soap instead. Vinegar is an effective cleaning agent and also helps get rid of dead skin cells, leaving skin clean and fresh. You can use any essential oil in this mixture according to your child's preference.
2 cups shampoo/ body wash
½ gallon distilled water
2 tbsp glycerin
1 egg white
½ cup lemon/ orange juice
1 cup cream of tartar (optional)
1½ cups baking soda (optional)
Collage of glycerin, shampoo, egg white and orange juice
Mix together all the ingredients. Keep the concoction aside for a couple of hours. Whenever you want to run a bath, mix this in a swirling direction when the tub is half filled with water. Using your hand, mix the recipe in the water to create foam. Fill the rest of the tub. You may substitute shampoo with organic soap flakes.
Tips for Making a Homemade Bubble Bath
When you add the bath ingredients to the tub, make sure you pour it under a running tap. The gush of water will help create more bubbles.
The bubbles will start to decrease after a while. Add more shampoo or liquid soap to the bath.
You can add a few drops of food coloring to the bath.
Use a hand blender to mix ingredients together if you are pressed for time.
Make use of the therapeutic effects of essential oils for to cure health ailments.
Refrigerate the leftover mixture.
When using the shampoo or body wash, preferably choose the one made especially for kids so you can be assured that their eyes won't tear from harsh chemicals.
Buy big bottles of herbal shampoos, that are safe for children, dedicated solely for making foam baths. A super-saver bottle is more cost-effective than buying its smaller sizes.
Benefits of Homemade Bubble Bath
Every parent is concerned about their child's safety. You wouldn't want your little one's delicate skin to suffer from exposure to harsh chemicals found in bathroom essentials, especially those meant for adults. Homemade bubble soaps are one of the best ways to ensure that the softness of your child's skin is not compromised because you are in full control of what ingredients you put in your child's bath. Here are a few benefits of treating your kids to this special treat.
Relaxing, decreases muscle tension and cramps.
Allows for customization as per the child's skin sensitivity.
Intense nourishment with the use of essential oils.
Has aromatic and therapeutic effects.
Easy to prepare. You only need to spare a few minutes.
Safer than synthetic foam bath products made from chemicals.
Reduces risk of UTI in children (caused by soap remaining in urethra openings).
Eco-friendly and bio-degradable.
During the 20th century, when the concept of bubble or foam baths were just popularized, the old-fashioned way of making a bubbles was to add glycerin to soap shavings and water. Soap flakes were heavily marketed back then and were widely popular, especially in the 1960s. Addition of glycerin helps to make bubbles and creates the foam effect. Coconut oil also helps increase lather and, hence, these two products should be added generously to the recipe. They are highly moisturizing for the skin as well. Try these bath recipes for kids and I don't think you would need to pick up another bottle of foam bath mix from the supermarket aisle again.
Please Note: Do ensure that your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients of these recipes before adding it to the bath water. In case of a potential risk of allergies from any component, do not hesitate to proceed with the recipe without adding the allergen ingredient. Also, refrain from using perfumed products as they can cause irritation in sensitive skin.