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A Fabulously Easy Recipe for Homemade Baby Soap

Homemade Baby Soap
Interested to know if it's possible to make organic soaps for your little one, at home? Well, then let the homemade baby soap recipe discussed in this post take you by surprise...
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018
If you have a toddler at home, you'll agree that one should be extra careful while choosing baby care products. Whether it's a soap or a shampoo, everything for your baby has to be mild enough so as to not cause any harm to its sensitive skin. Although there's an entire range of baby care products out there, not all of them are completely safe for your child. To begin with, soaps made from synthetic ingredients are not ideal for babies. To top that, soaps that are purely made from organic ingredients, are rarely found and are also a tad expensive. So, what is the way out? Yes, you have guessed it right! The solution is to make your own baby soap at home, with just the right mix of ingredients, including essential oils. This way, not only do you get a soap that is pure and mild, but also get to use a blend of aromas in it.
How to Make Baby Soap at Home
There are a variety of recipes to make baby soaps at home. You can try different soap bases along with different essential oils. Just make sure that you choose something that is not too harsh for your baby's sensitive skin. Normally, soaps available in the market are made using lye. Lye is the common name for strong alkalies such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH). Lye is corrosive and on exposure to the skin, can cause severe burns. Also, it is very difficult to remove traces of this corrosive substance entirely from soap. When making a baby soap (or any soap for that matter!) at home, it is recommended that you use a soap base instead of working with lye yourself. So, here we'll see a recipe for homemade baby soap using soap base.
Homemade Baby Soap Recipe
Before we begin, let's have a quick look at the different ingredients you'll need.
Materials Required
Homemade soap
◆ Soap base, preferably organic
◆ Essential oils
◆ A mold to give shape to the soap (you can use small boxes or soap molds)
◆ Two bowls, one slightly smaller than the other.
◆ Petroleum jelly
◆ Sharp knife
Step 1
Two bowl for soap making
The first step is to fill the bigger bowl with water. The soap base comes in the form of a solid block. To melt it, break it into smaller pieces and put the pieces into the smaller bowl. Now, place the bigger bowl on the burner and place the smaller bowl in it. Heat on a low flame till the soap block melts completely. Remember that you must avoid stirring the solution to prevent the formation of air bubbles.
Step 2
Essential oils
Once you find that the soap base has completely melted, add essential oils of your choice to the soap base. You should preferably use mild aromas like sage, calendula and chamomile and avoid oils that might cause even mild skin irritations. However, while making a soap for yourself at home, you can always be more experimental with different oils! After adding the essential oils, you can add a small quantity of olive oil or shea butter to make the soap softer.
Step 3
Pour mixture in soap mold
Once all the ingredients have been added, the next step is to pour the mixture into the mold. For this, first take the mold and apply a coat of petroleum jelly on the entire inner surface to prevent the soap from getting stuck to the mold. Now, gently remove the smaller bowl and gradually pour the entire solution into the mold (you can use several smaller molds of different shapes too!). Now, allow it to cool and solidify.
Step 4
Soap cutting
Once the soap is completely solidified, remove it from the mold and place it on the table. Now, using the knife, cut small pieces of soap from the block. If using smaller molds, then just remove the molds and your soap is ready.
For preparing homemade liquid baby soap, add the soap base to hot water. Then add a few drops of essential oils and use a blender to blend the soap uniformly with water.

This was an easy way to make baby soaps at home and you must have found it pretty simple. Homemade soaps are not only great for your kids, but can be great gift ideas as well. Just make one and wrap it in colorful paper for that perfect baby shower gift!