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How to Fold Cloth Diapers

How to Fold Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers can be folded and used in different ways as long as the baby is comfortable. They vary depending upon the diaper type and size of the baby.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Three Cloth Diapers
Diapers are essential products that every baby requires right from birth till the potty training stage. Though, ready-made disposable diapers are available, you can think of using cloth diapers, which are very convenient to use. As long as the cloth diapers are cleaned regularly, there is no chance of the baby getting a diaper rash. They not only provide more comfort to the baby, but also reduce environmental problems that are resulted due to the usage of disposable types.

Cloth diapers cost very less in comparison to the disposable type. You can wash them thoroughly and reuse. You can also save them for your next baby. Whereas, thousands of tons of disposable types are a contributing factor to the rising plastic pile-up, which are not reused.

Different Ways of Folding

For folding cloth diapers, you can follow any method as long as the baby is comfortable and there is no leakage. Basically, there are two types, viz., flat-fold and prefold. If you are planning to go out for a long time along with your little baby, you can consider using prefold types, which are fastened with pins. Speaking about the price, a flat-fold type is less expensive than the other.

Folding Flat-fold Cloth Diaper

Flat-fold types refer to a large, square-shaped, and single-layered cloth diapers that can be folded in different layers to achieve the desired absorbency. You can fold them in a simple manner to fit the baby. For securing the diaper in place, pins are used for fastening. In order to fold it, first lay it on a plain surface and smoothen out. Estimate one-third of the width and fold twice. Following this, you can bring both the sides to the center. Make sure that the cloths overlap at the center to form a thick absorbent layer. Nevertheless, the folding size depends upon the size of the baby.

Folding Prefold Cloth Diaper

Prefold ones on the other hand, are thickened at the center than the side panels, with the presence of absorbent layers. Usually, the central portion is about 6 to 8 layers (ply) thick, while the outer panel is about 2 to 4 layers (ply) thick. For folding it, lay it on a flat surface or bed and smoothen out from the center. Then fold it along the length towards the thick central padding (from the inside) keeping in mind the size of the baby. Do not overfold the sides, so that the folds reach only to the seams. Then, fold one-third of its length from one side and refold it again in half.

For both the types, you should orient the folded portion depending upon the gender of the baby; for a baby boy, the thick fold should come to the back, while for a girl, it should be oriented to the front. Try whether they fit the baby or not and adjust accordingly. Folding them is easy, and they are also convenient and comfortable for a baby.