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Family Tree Templates for Children

Making a family tree is a fun activity for children as well as adults. Presented below is a template with some downloadable samples for you. These templates will help children make a family tree chart at home.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
In simplest terms, a family tree is a chart depicting individuals that are related to each other. They belong to a same extended family and share a common ancestry. As the chart is made in the form of a tree, it is known as a family tree. It is one of the most important aspects of genealogy as it helps in understanding the relation between individuals, and also provides information about one's ancestry, etc.

Family Tree Chart

Making a family tree is interesting, and fun to do. Here is a blank template that will make your job easier. You can either take this as a reference for making your family tree, or download and print the following templates and use them directly.

This is the basic family tree template for children. The oldest members of the family are at the top while the youngest at the bottom. You can be creative and add other designs and images like flowers, stars, fruits, etc., rather than using the basic squares and circles. Similarly, as mentioned, pasting tiny picture of the respective person can make the family tree more appealing and easy to understand.

(Click on the image to print it)

family tree chart

Printable Family Tree Templates

Here are some free and easy-to-download templates. In these forms, you will find ready-made diagrams that can be used directly for making a family tree. You can print them, put in the right data or paste pictures, and make your own family tree.

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family tree template1 family tree template2

family tree template3 family tree template4

family tree template5 family tree template6

family tree template7 family tree template8

How far can you trace your ancestry? Well, if you are interested in knowing it, you can take help of the elder members of the family and create your own family tree. Believe me, it will definitely be a fun activity to do.

How to Make a Family Tree

Before actually making the family tree, you need to research and collect sufficient information for the same. In case you are making a larger family tree, by including the extended family members, you will need to research extensively and sort the data accordingly. But, let us begin with the family tree of your immediate family, because, once you have an idea, it will be easier for you to try the one with a larger or extended family.

• Consult your parents or elders in the family for the names of the oldest known family members (mostly, great grandparents) and family tree search. Jot down the names and mention the exact relation along with it. For e.g. George Fontaine (paternal great-grandfather), Mary Fontaine (paternal great-grandmother), and so on. Gather as many names and data as possible, by consulting family members.

• Now, make a a rough diagram of your family tree on a paper or using a software. You can use the family tree templates to get an idea.

• Once the rough diagram is done, get it checked by the elders, and then work on your fair copy on a large chart or a colorful paper. You can either draw a family tree freehand or make use of the printable family tree samples given above.

Put the names of ancestors and relatives in appropriate places, beginning with the youngest or the eldest.

• This was the basic family tree diagram. You can also use other creative ideas for making a fancy family tree. You can draw designs, use pictures, or include images of the family members, etc.

Making a family tree can also be a creative activity for the entire family to do together. So, get going and make a decorative family tree that will proudly adorn your wall. Good luck!