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Disposable Washcloths

Disposable Washcloths

Whether you are just heading for a journey or bathing a baby, disposable washcloths are convenient products with multipurpose applications. Read the following article to find out the factors to be considered while choosing one.
AptParenting Staff
Disposable washcloths are ultimate products for those who are sensitive to pre-moistened wipes. These are dry cloths that come in scented or non-scented forms. Considering the convenience of using them, they have indeed become an indispensable product for baby care and skin care. With these products, you do not have to worry about laundering, folding, and storing tasks. They are sold in packages of 24, 48, or more. According to the number of pieces, size, and cloth quality, their costs vary from one brand to another.

Which One to Choose?

Whether you purchase disposable washcloths for travel or personal care usage, you need to consider certain aspects. For example, using mild-scented products produces a refreshing effect during the travel. While buying them for babies or facial skin care, opt for the ones that are not treated with perfumes. Mentioned below are some useful tips, which you can consider at the time of buying these products:
  • The first and foremost thing is to check the packaging. If available, choose products that come in pop-up boxes, so that you can dispense them single-handed and avoid soiling of the remaining washcloths.
  • As their name signifies, they are neither easy to flush nor are they reusable. Nevertheless, there are a few vendors that supply flushable wipes. You can select those brands according to your personal requirements.
  • If you are allergic to perfume, choose non-scented ones. The same factor should be considered while buying the ones for babies and elderly individuals. They are also good for wiping face and other sensitive areas of the body.
  • In case you are looking forward for general invalid bathing, select the ones with soap. Most of the products are soap-free dry cloths, while a few products are formulated with mild soap.
Best Brands

The major advantage of using disposable washcloths is the reduced risk of contamination. This is of utmost importance, when you are not in a situation to take bath or wash hands regularly. You can find a plethora of such brands in the market, differing in terms of product quality and quantity. The best ones need not be pricey. As far as they meet your requirements, you can purchase affordable products. Few of the best brands are highlighted below:


Whether it is baby diapers or dry cloths, Huggies is a reputable brand that provides impressive products. Their washcloths are easy and convenient to use; just wet them, wipe down your baby, and dispose of the cloths. Many people find their fragrance a tad strong for babies. Being a trusted brand name, their products are expensive (about USD 3.99 - 4.5 for 20 pieces), in comparison to other regular brands.

Johnson and Johnson

These are clinically proven, extra soft washcloths, which you can use for a newborn baby. They are free of soaps and dyes, making them ideal for baby's skin and hair. As expected, they are costlier than other brands. But, the quality, extra softness, and convenience of using them are worth paying the cost (about USD 4.49 for 10 cloths).

These are some of the products that every new mom should have in her shopping list. Disposable washcloths are not just for baby bath time, but they are useful for skin care professionals, too. With such a wonderful product, you can maintain hygiene and personal cleanliness, even if you are away from home.