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Day Care

Day Care

Day care is the best solution for working parents who find it difficult to manage both career and children. Read the following article to learn its advantages, disadvantages, and factors to consider before going for one.
AptParenting Staff
The experiences a child goes through in his childhood plays an important role in his development. Working parents often find it difficult to take care of their children during their work hours. Hence, they opt for day care.

Day care or child care ensures that the child is taken care by a person not belonging to the child's family. There are various options available to choose from that include:
  • Creches
  • Nurseries
  • Playgroups
  • Childminders
  • Pre-schools
Creches, nurseries, playgroups, and pre-schools take care of a child at their places. A child has to be taken to the place. Childminders may take care of the child at the child's own home, or at their home, depending upon the parent's choice.

Remember that babysitting is different from it. Babysitting is the temporary care of a child during the absence of his parents, whereas it is the constant care of a child during specific periods.

Things to Consider Before Choosing One

Choosing an appropriate child care is very important as your child's development depends upon it. All parents desire that their child should be in safe hands when they are away. You can also choose a good one online.

Before you choose any of them, there are certain guidelines to be followed to ensure that your child receives good quality and professional care. Here are few tips that might be helpful:
  • Look for the caretakers who have good experience in handling children.
  • Check whether they have knowledge regarding how a child learns and grows.
  • Look at their religious backgrounds.
  • Ask for their educational backgrounds.
  • See whether they are well disciplined, as your child's discipline may depend upon the same.
  • Ask the care provider how he will handle a sick child. Also, ask him whether he has knowledge regarding basic first aid treatment.

The main purpose of such centers is to provide a good, safe, positive, healthy, and educational environment to a child. They also have many advantages. A good day care may provide your child a different and exciting experience, which is completely different from parental care.

It may improve the communication skills of your child. Child is able to interact with other children without any hesitation. He starts developing strong relationships with other children and learns to share things.

Day care is no longer only a means of simple childcare or babysitting. Many centers like pre-schools provide early education to a child. These centers organize educational programs for the children.

In pre-schools, children remain busy either playing or performing certain activities throughout the day. It also allows a child to play outside the center but within the premises.


Though few, there are some disadvantages, too. These types of institutions may put your child into an emotional, physical, or attachment risk.

Children from such types of daycare centers are found to be disobedient and argumentative. They become adamant and refuse listening to others.

For these reasons, it is very important for parents to choose a good and appropriate center for their children. Even after choosing one, parents must ensure that their child is happy in it.

Child's happiness means a lot to the parents. It provides them with a peace of mind. If they don't feel that comfort or happiness in a child, they are free to go for another such institution, as child's happiness is a primary priority of each parent.