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Choices of Stunningly Creative Toys for 2 Year Olds

Creative Toy Choices for 2 year olds
Creative toys are beneficial for improving your kid's cognitive and motor skills. This article provides some information about such toys that are meant for two-year-old kids.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
When compared to younger kids, two year olds have improved motor skills that allow them to indulge in various activities such as throwing objects, climbing, pushing wheels, etc. They are always curious and start learning things about their surroundings. By this age, they acquire a good hand-eye coordination that enables them to play with a wide range of creative and learning toys. Nowadays, numerous types of toys are available in the market. You can get some simple toys that can develop their imagination and stimulate curiosity.
Wooden Books
Once they reach the age of two, kids start learning many things like new words and phrases. This is the perfect time to introduce wooden books, which are also easy to handle, safe, and durable. You can make use of these wooden books to get your kid learn about colors, shapes, animals, flowers, and many other basic things.
Construction Toys
These toys are perfect to boost the learning skills of kids in the age group of two to three. By this time, they might have mastered the art of simple building blocks. So, you can go for slightly advanced construction toys with wooden or plastic pieces that need to be fitted together to create something like a tower or vehicle. Construction toys boost creativity, problem-solving capacity, fine motor skills, etc.
Manipulative Toys
Various types of manipulative toys are available for kids in different age groups. A manipulative toy helps to improve cognitive and motor skills in kids. For two-year-old children, you may get play kitchen, dress-up costumes, or toy vehicle sets. Fit-together toys, nesting toys, picture dominoes, etc., are also good. Such toys help children to learn the basic movements and physical activities of day-to-day life. Counting boards which come with pegs are also ideal for children in this age group.
Dolls and dollhouses are often recommended for two-year-old kids, so as to improve their imagination. Kids in this age group tend to imitate adults and play mummy or daddy for a doll. Such pretend play develops a gentle nature that may prove helpful when they get a sibling.
Craft Materials
Get some colors, an easel, a chalkboard, crayons, and pencils. Your two year old will enjoy scribbling and drawing. Apart from improving his/her creativity, art materials are also beneficial for making the kid understand the different colors, shapes, etc. Such activities help to improve wrist and hand positions that are necessary for developing a good handwriting.
Two to three is the perfect age to introduce puzzles that will improve the concentration of your child. Puzzles come in different types that offer a wide scope for learning various themes like alphabets, numbers, animals, flowers, colors, etc. They improve problem-solving and reasoning skills in kids. Puzzles are also good for improving fine motor skills.
Clay Kits
Molding clay and dough are also good for boosting creativity in kids. Apart from developing their imagination, clay art projects are also good for improving fine motor skills. It is also believed that clay has a calming effect, and works like stress balls.
In short, there is a wide range of toys that are good for two-year-old kids. Make sure to choose those toys that are easy to handle and safe. Avoid those with sharp edges and points, and those made of toxic and unsafe ingredients. Avoid toys with small parts that come out easily, as they may get lodged in the throat or nostrils, if the kid tries to chew or smell them. Never buy toys with electrical connections, as they may prove risky for your two year old. By choosing proper toys, you can shape the creative instincts of your child, and help him/her learn new things.
Girl playing with puzzle
Young girl using her manipulative skills with playdough
Boy Building Tall Wooden Toy