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Creative Family Tree Ideas That Your Neighbors Will Be Jealous Of

Creative Family Tree Ideas
Most of the old, traditional family tree designs are passé. Here, we will give you a creative take on making them, more trendy and attractive. Take a look!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Genealogy is a fascinating study. It's kind of like a fairy tale, isn't it? Tracing your family backwards and backwards. When one has so many names, you should decide on representing this huge family in a creative manner. Think about some creative family tree ideas, and use them for ideas for various projects yourself.
Creative Ideas for Family Tree
Representing a family can be challenging, especially if you don't have the complete data on your family history available with you. So, the first step to making a good family tree is to have the names of all the family members. If you're missing out on a few names, postpone the project for a while and do a thorough family search. But make sure to get ALL the names. It will serve two purposes. It will avoid blank spaces in the tree and also avoid any sort of conflict within the family. (How could you forget Uncle Trevor? or My God! You didn't put in cousin Frannie's name! You get the idea, I'm sure!) So, first step done. Now let's get to some designs.
Pics on Leaves
photos on leves
For this idea, you'll need to go big leaf hunting, as it requires you to find considerably big leaves on which you can paste photographs of your family members. So, first make a list of all the family members. Then, set out to find leaves from a single tree. Now as far as the leaves are concerned, you can either pick up dried ones that will be able to bear the weight of a pasted photograph on them or you can pick green leaves and let them dry under your supervision. Pick more leaves than required in case any of them tear in the process of making the family tree. Once the leaves are dried, spray paint them in a color of your choice. After the paint has dried, you will notice that the leaves get a little hardened and will be able to withstand the weight of the photograph. Now, stick the pictures, each on one leaf and mention their names and birth dates under the pictures. Stick these leaves onto the outline of a tree that you can draw on a painted cardboard. After your tree is ready, you can frame it and hang it up on a wall!
Family Tree Calendar
photos on calendar
If you want to make a family tree calendar, what you need to do is, make a list of all the family member's birthdays. I'm sure all 12 months will be easily covered. Next step, against each month write the names of the respective people. Then make a fabulous calendar, highlighting each family member's birthday! Another option is make a year-wise calendar, and chronologically arrange the people.
Family Tree Album
photos collage
Personalize your family tree by clicking pictures of each family member. Arrange them in order, in a beautiful handmade album. The album should contain the exact number of pages as the photographs. Stick mirrors on alternate pages, so that there's a reflecting effect. You can also click 'then and now' pictures and stick them in the album. You can also use different occasions where the entire family was present and make an album using those pictures depicting the family fun time that you had!
Classic Family Tree
family tree
This is a creative idea for kids. Give them the names of all the family members and ask them to draw a huge tree on a chart paper. Beginning from the top, supervise them, as they place each family member on their respective branches. Either color the tree with paints or paste green felt paper for leaves. The kids will be engaged for a while and learn more about their family while they're at it.
Tree of Anecdotes
family tree
Make a list of all the family members. Display them in order on a grapevine. And for every member, write down an anecdote. It could be an incident, or something funny they said. It could also be their achievements. Just stick to a theme. If you're talking about achievements, then write about everyone's achievements only. Don't write one's achievements and another's funny quotes. It'll seem very haphazard and confusing!
These were some creative ideas for making a family tree. Use them and flaunt your lineage with pride!!