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Popular Computer Games for Toddlers

Popular Computer Games for Toddlers

Computer games are an interesting way of spending quality time with your child. While having fun playing these games, one should always remember that it's essential that you allow your child to learn at his own pace.
AptParenting Staff
There are many different varieties of computer games available for toddlers which are interactive, entertaining and educational also. While choosing a computer game for your toddler, you should always keep in mind that the game should keep your child busy and should also be entertaining. The game should be user-friendly and should possess easy to start features. It should have colorful graphics devoid of scary or bloody images and should have the facility to pause the game whenever needed. You can enjoy these games with your child by simply visiting any games website, as buying a computer game can be an expensive deal. These websites provide you with a wide range of games as well as a brief description of the game that you may like to play.

Popular Computer Games for Kids and Toddlers

Following are some computer games that are quite simple and popular these days.

KaRP Breakout
It is an arcade based game in which you have to destroy or get rid of all the bricks by hitting them with a ball. KaRP Breakout consists of many surprises like double paddles, drop-downs to catch with the paddle or moving bricks, etc. Sometimes these paddles appear at the top or bottom of the screen and can also move these paddles up and down. It may also include other surprises like multiple balls, gun paddles or a go-through ball. The older version of the game had 25 levels but the latest version has 50 levels, full screen play area and additional bricks and drop-downs to catch. Trinity breakout and Alpha breakout are some other versions of this game.

DragNDrop Match
It is a simple match game and first in the series of 'Mr DragNDrop'. The game starts with a left click on the start button with 100 points. The game has 8 sets of cards to match which are chosen randomly. Whenever you turn over an unmatched pair two points are lost and when you turn over a matched pair ten points are added. A left click on the card will turn it over. After a pair of cards have been flipped, few seconds are given to look at them and then they automatically flip back. Till you find the matched pairs, continue clicking on the cards. The matched cards will automatically disappear and, once all the cards are matched, left click on the start button to begin with a new puzzle.

The Attack of the SnowDudes
In this game, the snowdudes want to destroy all the trees on Mount Healthy, to make the fun place a cold wintery world. Your child plays the role of 'Joseph the good guy', who loves trees and wants to protect them from the evil snowdudes. Joseph shoots them with smiley faces but if a snowdude hits him, he loses his energy one point at a time. You can add to his energy by catching the spinning energy buttons, as each button is worth one point and there is no limit to how much energy he can absorb. By moving the mouse, you can navigate around the mount and shoot by clicking the left mouse button.

Initially, it's your responsibility to guide and help your child with these games. There are many other toddler computer games like Worlds of Xeen, The Omega Stone, Wizardry Gold, Mystery of the Mummy, Chemicus, Physicus, etc to enhance your child's development and intelligence. These games are fun for both the parent and the child.