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Competitions for Kids to Win Money

4 Amazingly Fun Ideas of Competitions for Kids to Win Money

Today, in a world full of opportunities, there are many competitions for kids to win money and scholarships. Here's an overview of the types of competitions where kids can win some money.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
The plethora of diverse opportunities, owing to the advancements in all areas of science and society, coupled with the population explosion, and every human's need to better their standard of living, has made our world a competitive one. Everything from school admissions and career advancements to consumer products, technology, and even success, has become a competition. In order to be able to cope with and thrive in this social environment, it is a good idea to inculcate competitiveness in children. However, this should be a healthy competition and not a ruthless need to win at all costs. Healthy competition not only inculcate a drive to succeed, but also imbues the qualities of self-confidence, teamwork, and perseverance in a person. This helps them become more rounded individuals, later in life.
If these competitions are paired with an incentive, it make the victory that much sweeter. In case the prize is monetary in nature, the winning of that money allows thew child to develop respect for it, and to realize that it is gained as a result of hard work. This translates into not taking money for granted and recognizing the value of money. This can be used to lay a foundation for teaching monetary values such as savings, investment, spending only on essential items, etc.
Kids, these days, are smart, intelligent, and resourceful, and these qualities can be put to good use through healthy competitions. Allowing them to participate in contests in order to win, will help shape their determination and motivation to succeed in the future. This will help them become self-made, contributing and successful members of society.
There are various different types of competitions that a child can take part in. These can also help a child identify which field of study he/she wants to pursue in life. They are as follows.

Kids have talents, sometimes hidden, which may even go unnoticed if the kids are not given a platform to showcase them and compete. Most kids are blessed with qualities like acting, dancing, and singing, and all they need is an opportunity to display these talents on stage. For this reason there are many contests which are held for drama, singing, dancing, etc., and the winners are given either cash rewards or scholarships to art schools, which is very helpful for their growth. There are many regional talent competitions which are held in local schools for this purpose, and students who win, get rewarded. Many schools in America are thus, coming up with dancing and singing contests for kids to perform on stage, in order to help them discover their musical talent.

Schools all over the world have arts and crafts as a part of their curriculum. Children are assessed based on their performance throughout the year. For this reason there are many types of creative art activities like drawing, painting, origami, collages, making working models, science projects, etc., which are included in the school curriculum. This is another great way of organizing contests for children to win money, as their talent is displayed, and they can also earn some extra cash on their allowance. Arts competitions can be held at intra-/inter-school levels, and the first three winners can be given cash prizes.

If you are looking for some really creative competitions for kids to enter, you can organize or enroll your kids in writing competitions. These however, are meant for kids of a higher grade like Junior High and High School. There are creative writing scholarships in competitions like essay writing, story writing, informal letter writing, and sometimes simply writing poetry, which are organized for such talented kids. Teenagers, specifically are at such an age, where they are brimming with creativity and need a platform to exhibit it. A writing competition is a great idea to bring out the best in them.
Online Contests

The internet today, has become a part of everyone's life, because of its easy access to knowledge and global changes. Many times, kids too are benefited by the internet in many ways. Since gaming is a huge hit with teenagers, there are a number of sites online, which help kids earn their income, simply by winning a game! There are cash rewards for the first three winners of the game, and thus, when the game is over, these winners are given their prizes. Kids can use this money for fees, allowance, and even for their personal expenses. Now isn't that a cool money making idea?
These were some great ideas of competitions for kids to win money; pick the one that suits you the best. These not only help kids discover their strengths, but also teach them the value of money.
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Group of school kids writing test in classroom
Children sculpt in of plasticine
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