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Read These 4 Tips Before Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Baby

Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Baby
When choosing baby swimwear, don't just choose the cutest outfit in the store. Check for other factors such as comfort, fit, and protection as well. AptParenting lists the factors that are important when choosing the right swimwear for your baby.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Swimming helps in mental and physical development of a child. It also prevents the fear of water from developing in infants.
Some have those cute ruffled butts, others have amazing animal prints, and then there are swimsuits with cartoon characters printed on them. If you are planning to take your baby out for some fun at the pool, then you need to choose the right swimwear for your little one.

Obviously, as a parent, you want to show off the baby in the cutest outfit available, but when choosing swimwear, it is essential to consider comfort before everything else. For example, you will obviously not want to give in to your fashionable side and buy a cute swimsuit, only to discover later that it is too tight for the baby. This does not mean you cannot have a well-dressed, cute baby at the beach. Focus on finding a swimwear that looks amazing and is extremely comfortable for the baby. It should be of a good fit, and made of good quality material. Here are some tips that will help you in finding the right swimwear for your kid.
Tips for Selecting Baby Swimwear
Design Matters
There are a number of swimwear styles available for babies. Most of them have such adorable designs that you are sure to want to buy more than one. For girls, you can choose either one-piece or two-piece styles. These are available with designs such as frills and prints, colorful polka dots, and nautical stripes. Tankini swimsuits look extremely adorable as well. For boys, you can choose a pair of shorts with floral prints or cartoon characters.

When choosing the swimsuit design, you have to keep in mind that the swimsuit should not expose too much of the baby's skin. Since a child's skin is thinner and more sensitive than an adult's skin, it can get sunburned easily. To avoid this, try opting for a one-piece swimsuit in different designs. If you want a two-piece design, try not to choose a tiny baby bikini. Here are some gorgeous swimsuit designs for boys and girls.
For Girls
Colorful swimsuit
Colorful swimsuit
One-piece swimsuit
One piece swimsuit
Two-piece tankini
Two piece tankini
For Boys
Printed shorts
Printed shorts
Red and blue swimwear trunks
Swimwear shorts
Baby wetsuit
Baby wet suit
Check the Fit
Apart from the design, you would also want to check the fit of the swimwear. Ideally, the swimwear should fit the child's body snugly. It should not be too tight, as it can cause rashes and chafing. On the other hand, do not buy loose fitting swimwear that slips or sags at the bottom. Most parents end up buying a larger size for their growing baby. However, these loose clothes tend to slip off and expose the skin.

When buying swimwear, check the weight and length charts on the tag. This will help you find the perfect fit. Try the swimsuit on the baby, and check whether she can raise her arms above her head and stand with ease. The swimsuit straps should not be so loose that they fall off the shoulders, neither should they be so tight that they dig into the skin.
Look for Swimwear that Provides Protection
Even when you slather on loads of sunscreen, babies do get sunburned. To avoid this, you can check out clothing that provides protection from the Sun. There are many suits that provide UV protection. To find the right swimsuit, check the UPF or the Ultraviolet Protection Factor of the swimsuit. Added to clothing as a special dye, these swimsuits protect the child's skin from the majority of harmful UV rays, and stop them from penetrating the clothing. If the UPF rating is around 50 or more, then the swimsuit is perfect for protection against 97.5% of UV rays.
Choose the Right Swimwear Accessories
Accessories such as rash guards and hats protect the child's sensitive skin. The rash guard is a long-sleeved shirt that provides protection from skin irritation caused by wet-suits. You can also get cover-ups to prevent the baby from getting the chill after he or she gets out of the water. Matching bucket-shaped hats with the swimsuit help in keeping the face and neck shaded from the Sun. It is also a good idea to get a baby sunscreen and some high quality sunglasses to protect their delicate eyes.

Babies also need special swim diapers when they are in the pool. These special diapers with stronger elastic, prevent leakages. There are both reusable and disposable type of swim diapers available in the market. Check for flotation devices like 'water wings' that fit the baby's arm and keep him or her afloat in water.
You can buy swimwear for the baby from department stores or check out online baby stores that have some adorable designs. So, go ahead and choose the cute polka-dotted pink swimsuit, but make sure it is comfortable, durable, and offers enough protection as well.