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Chinese Gender Prediction Accuracy

Chinese Gender Prediction Accuracy

The Chinese gender prediction accuracy has always been a subject of debate among its proponents and medical scientists. Read on to know more on this subject.
AptParenting Staff
China, like most of the Asian countries, has historically been an agricultural society. This explains why, the Chinese have always preferred a baby boy to a girl. It is being said that since ancient times, the Chinese have been curious to know the gender of their baby, and to do this, they had even made a chart, now known as the Chinese gender prediction chart. This chart was allegedly discovered in a tomb and is said to be around seven hundred years old. The original chart has been preserved at the Beijing Institute of Science in China. There has been a lot of debate going on the Chinese gender prediction accuracy, with people from medical fraternity advising people not to take it too seriously. However, reports from China have pointed out that the chart has been able to predict accurately in more than 50% of cases. In Western countries, where there is no restriction on knowing the gender of your child before birth, people may have much better options, but in Asian countries where a baby girl is looked as a liability and often aborted, this chart may be of extreme importance to many people.

Using the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

The first thing that you need to remember before using the Chinese gender prediction chart is that this chart is based on the lunar cycle, rather than the Gregorian calendar. So, it is important that you know your lunar age of the mother-to-be, so that you can accurately predict the gender of your child. The general rule to know the age of the pregnant woman is:
  • If the mother-to-be was born between the 1st of January and 20th of February (including these two dates), use her current age.
  • If she was born between the 21st of February and the 31st December (including these dates), add one year to her current age.
The next step in using this chart is to know the month of conception. This is one of the most intriguing things to do as not many people note down the exact day and time while conceiving! This again should be according to the lunar month and not the Gregorian calendar. You can click on Chinese lunar pregnancy calendar to view the chart. You can predict the gender of your baby by matching the age of the pregnant woman at the time of conception with the month in which the baby was conceived. This chart works for pregnant women in the age-group of 18-45.

Accuracy of Chinese Gender Prediction

As mentioned earlier, the accuracy of the Chinese gender prediction has been a bone of contention between its proponents and critics. The proponents of this chart claim that the accuracy is close to around 90%, and the chart is of immense value as it has survived for nearly seven hundred years. Its critics on the other side are of the view that it is naive on part of some people to believe a chart, rather than knowing the gender through medical tests. One thing that is amazing about the Chinese gender prediction chart is that it claims to tell you the gender of your child even before you conceive. This is also one of the reasons that skeptics pooh-pooh this system and advise people to undergo tests to know the gender of their baby.

Although the Chinese gender prediction accuracy may be subjective, a lot of people have claimed to predict the gender of their baby accurately with its help. This is no way undermines the role of medical science in gender prediction. One area of concern is that this chart can be put to abuse in countries with high rates of female infanticide. Many may contemplate aborting their child, if the chart predicts a baby girl. In the end, we hope that this article is beneficial to you and helps you in getting some insight into the Chinese gender prediction system.