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Child Safety Alarms: Child Safety Tips

Child Safety Alarms: Child Safety Tips

Children are more vulnerable to accidents and injuries. Safety alarms can be considered as one of the most important advances in technology that can help us protect our children from accidents and other undesirable incidents.
Chandramita Bora
Child safety alarms are designed to deal with most of the issues faced by today's parents regarding the safety and security of their children. These alarms can help you keep track of where your children are, both inside and outside your home, and thereby avoid undesirable incidents. There are several different types of safety alarms, of which the child locator alarm, pool safety alarm, and the car safety alarm are worth mentioning.

Child Locator Alarms
As the name suggests, a child locator alarm can help you locate your child in your home, as well as in a crowded place. Going to a crowded place like a shopping mall with your child can be really troublesome. But a child locator alarm can help you locate your child within a few seconds. Such an alarm usually contains a GPS transmitter and a receiver or locator. The receiver can be attached to your child's body, or it can be placed in his/her shoe or sock, while you can keep the transmitter. Whenever you realize that you have lost track of where your child is, you can press the transmitter. Whenever you press the transmitter, the receiver or locator will start emitting a loud sound. This can not only help you locate your child, but also alert other individuals that the child needs help.

Pool Safety Alarm
Children are vulnerable to accidents and injuries, not only outside the home but also within it. Such a high risk zone or area inside your home is the swimming pool. Therefore, a swimming pool should not be left open. You can fence the area properly in order to ensure adequate safety. You can also consider to install a pool safety alarm on your swimming pool gate. This alarm will make a sound whenever your child opens the gate or the door of the swimming pool. Another safety alarm comes in the form of a waistband, that produces a loud sound, whenever it is immersed in water. So, if your child manages to reach the swimming pool, you will be immediately alerted about it.

Car Safety Alarm for Children
Car safety alarms can ward-off accidents by alarming you whenever your child comes too close to your car. Sometimes, you may leave your child in the car thinking that you can return in a few minutes, but then you might fail to keep track of time. In such a situation, the car safety alarm can remind you that you have left your child in the car. The belt safety alarms on the other hand, can warn you whenever your child unbuckles his or her seat belt.

Tips for Safeguarding Your Kids
Here are a few safety tips that will help protect your child from possible dangers and accidents.
  • The best way to avoid any kind of accidents is to never leave your children unattended in an accident-prone area, like a swimming pool or near a vehicle.
  • Teach your children the basic rules of safety and security.
  • Pay attention to the problems faced by your children and encourage open communication.
  • Before hiring any babysitter or caregiver for your child, always make sure to properly investigate his or her background.
  • If left alone at home, teach your child not to open the door, even if it is a friend or a relative, as in many instances children are abducted by someone familiar to them.
  • While answering the telephone calls in your absence, teach your child not to disclose any personal information, including the fact that he/she is alone at home.
In addition to these, installing safety alarms in your home can also help you monitor your child's activities, and thereby avoid accidents and unwanted incidents.