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Best Play Saucers for Babies

Best Play Saucers for Babies

A play saucer can be the perfect addition to a baby's nursery. These stationary activity centers with a nice collection of fabulous toys, music, and picture books can keep the child engaged for hours. This AptParenting article provides a list of some of the best play saucers in the market.
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Quick Tip
Wait till the child is around six to seven months old and can sit independently before putting him/her in a play saucer.
Play saucers are stationary entertainment stations that allow the child to enjoy built-in toys and other activities while he/she learns to stand. They feature an adjustable seat in the middle of a round table and a host of toys to keep the baby busy. Once your baby is up and walking, you realize how tough it is to keep the baby entertained while also ensuring that he/she is safe. Most people tend to put their infants in walkers. However, with walkers there is the chance of the infant falling off the stairs or walking into a potentially dangerous situation.

Play saucers, on the other hand, are not just fun for the baby, but also provide parents and caregivers a much-needed break. Moreover, these stationary activity centers give the babies a chance to encounter new experiences and try out new skills as they hit toys, turn pages of the plastic book, push buttons to activate lights and music, and rock and bounce themselves. If you are planning to get one of these fun activity centers for your kid, then this article will help you narrow down your list of play saucer choices.
7 Best Play Saucers for Babies
Baby Einstein Neptune Activity Saucer
Founded by Julie Clark in 1996, Baby Einstein is an innovative company that offers a wide range of developmental and entertainment products for babies and toddlers. The Neptune Activity Center is an undersea-themed play saucer that offers eight delightful toys. The melodies piano has three modes and features ocean sounds and classical music. There is also a detachable electronic melody maker that you can use when the child wants to sit on the floor and play.

The seat rotates 360 degrees to allow easy access all the toys and the seat height is adjustable. The seat pad is machine washable. The best part is once the baby has finished playing with it, you can lay the play saucer flat for easy storage.
Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby
This activity center has a bounce platform for the baby in the middle and 3 fun character toys include lion with tree mirror, giraffe bead chaser, and a spinning monkey panel with beads to keep the baby entertained. The seat rotates 360° for easy access to the toys and the 3 height settings allows the play saucer to grow with the child. There is a link loop that allows you to attach additional toys.
Bright Starts Doodle Bugs Around We Go! Activity Station
This play saucer is certainly one of its kind. Instead of the seat being located in the middle, there is an innovative seat on the side of the table. This seat rotates 360° around the table top to give the child full access to all the toys and activities. You can also remove the seat and use the play saucer as an activity table.

This amazing saucer provides a wide range of activities for the baby. There is an electronic piano with fun sounds, and a flip book, a colorful pond station with a sliding fish, a popping fish toy, and a spinning dragonfly. There is also a bright green frog popper toy, spinning ball toy, bendable bug stalks, and a ratcheting bee toy.
Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat
This play saucer is perfect for those babies who have just started to sit up. The Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat provides a safe and comfortable environment for your baby to sit and play. Apart from the soft foam seat, there is also a booster seat that adds comfort and allows a child to sit upright with ease. The three-point safety harness keeps your baby safely in place. The activity table around the seat features four extremely cute toys and even two cup holders. If you want to switch to the booster seat mode, then there are chair straps that allow you to secure the seat onto a chair.
Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump & Learn Jam Session
One of the most popular manufacturers of baby care products, including car seats, strollers, high chairs, play yards, Evenflo has a great collection of play saucers as well. The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump & Learn, designed in conjunction with the provides a great environment for children to jump around and play.

There are around 67 learning activities for children, including some superb stimulating lights and sounds and a number of engaging toys such as the colorful musical note lights and the microphone suspended above the baby. The play saucer has three height adjustment options and the cute musical notes printed seat is machine washable. The toys are easily removable, allowing the child to play with them even when you are not using the play saucer.
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo
The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo is a farm-themed play saucer that allows a child to jump and bounce. There are 6 different toy stations plus 2 overhead toys to keep the child entertained. The play saucer features a farm flip book, a shape sorting garden, a bobble rooster, a cow with rattle beads, pop-and-play piggies, a mirror pond, and so much more. The Early Learning Fun mode teaches a child about cause and effect, colors, shapes, objects, and animals and animal sounds. The baby's jumping activates the lights and sounds.
Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Premiere Bounce & Bloom Activity Center
This play saucer features a unique bounce pad for bouncing and jumping, electronic piano with some really fun sounds, and ten fun-filled interactive activities to keep the kid busy. Other great features include a high-back seat for support, 3 position height adjustments, and an easy-to-clean seat pad.
When choosing a play saucer for the child, check the toys and watch out for ones with small parts that can pose a choking risk. Choose a play saucer that has a wide range of toys and activities to keep the child busy for a long time. Ensure that all parts are easy to clean. The seat should ideally be machine washable.