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Best Investment Options for Children

Best Investment Options for Children

The best investment options for children are a good way to ensure a secure future for kids. As a responsible parent, it's your duty to invest some money on behalf of your child for a better tomorrow...
AptParenting Staff
In today's time, investments are not only good for adults and teens, but also for kids. Yes, saving money for kids is wise because the same money would be useful if they plan to go to high school and college for that matter. There are many options for investments like provident funds, fixed deposits, and various insurance policies, but which one is the best when it comes to your kid. This article will provide you some information and guide you on the best investment options for your kids.

Safe Investment Options for Children

There's no doubt that every parent wants his or her kid to have a financially secured future. Parents want their children to be highly qualified, so that they don't face any financial difficulty in the future. Now we all know that education in the US is not cheap, and if you don't want your child to comprise on education just because of shortage of money, then investing money for your children is the smartest thing to do.

Section 529 Plans
One of the best investment options for children are the Section 529 Plans, which are state sponsored programs. These plans are available in every state, and have gathered positive reviews since their start. The state chooses different companies to manage the accounts of the depositors, and all these companies have to work under guidelines which are provided by the state government. The best part of the 529 Plan is that anybody can start saving through this plan, regardless of what they earn. Many states allow you to invest till $200,000 for your kid. Another great advantage of the 529 Plan is that it offers you tax free withdrawals for educational purposes. The most important thing to remember about this plan is that it can only be used for educational purposes, and you can only withdraw money for the same, withdrawing money for some other purpose gets you a penalty of 10%, plus taxes. So make sure you read all the rules and regulations before choosing this plan for your kids.

Kids Stocks
Yes, you can but stocks of your favorite kids brand companies. Companies such as McDonald's and Disney offer direct stock purchase plans which can get your kids listed as members of the stock market. It's very obvious that you kids won't show any interest in stock markets and you can make this whole concept tempting by introducing them to names like Disney and McDonald's.

State Prepaid Education Plans
According to latest reports, every state in the US offers some kind of State Prepaid Educational Plan. People who enroll themselves for State Prepaid Education Plans pay the current cost of their child's tuition, with the guarantee that the cost would be waived if your kid attends a public school in that state. The main disadvantage of this plan is that your kid cannot join a private university and college in a different state. If this happens, a portion of your invested money would be deducted. If you are pretty sure that your kid won't attend a private university or a university in another state, then this investment option is the best for your kid.

One of the best options for children is getting a good life insurance policy. Such policies ensures a secure future if your kids if anything happens to the parents. It's important that at least you or your spouse have an insurance policy which give out good returns after its maturity and the money can used to fund your child's education.

These were some of the best investment options for children. Before you plan to invest in any of the investment funds for children it's advised that you read its terms and conditions, and also have a second opinion from people who have actually used such policies.