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Best Baby Shower Gifts

The Best Ever Baby Shower Gifts to Make New Moms Glow With Joy

Choosing the perfect gift for the moms-to-be, need not be a headache with this list of the best baby shower gifts. Here are some amazing gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the expectant mother.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
The baby is on its way and you are planning to host a baby shower for the excited mum-to-be? Well, if you are planning a baby shower or are invited to one, then you certainly need to think of the perfect gifts for the occasion. The best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and usually personalized for the occasion. From the usual crowd-pleasing items for drawing those special "ooohs and aaahs" to the more practical gifts, choosing the baby gifts does not have to be a monotonous task. Don't just stick to the routine gift items like diaper bags, baby clothes, and stuffed animals. Instead, choose creative baby shower gifts that will bring a smile to the face of the expectant mother.
Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Personalized Baby Blanket: A personalized baby blanket makes for a memorable gift for the moms-to-be. If the parents have thought of a name for the baby, then you can have it appliqued on the blanket. You can find a wide variety of these blankets available in pastel colors, covered in teddy bears, lambs, ducks, and other friendly critters. They are a perfect addition to any nursery and in addition, these warm, fuzzy soft throws will help keep the baby warm.
Baby Shower Bath Kit: A gift that is both practical and fun, a baby shower bath kit contains all the essentials that a newbie mom will need to give the baby a squeaky clean wash. For these baby shower gift baskets, you can include a baby shampoo, a mild baby soap, a washcloth, and a cute hooded towel. A bright yellow rubber ducky and a baby comb can be nice addition to the gift basket. You could also include a bottle of bubble bath that the mom can use to pamper herself.
Personalized Baby Picture Frames: You can gift personalized baby picture frames that will let the expecting couple cherish their newborn baby's precious moments. These frames can be customized to include the name, baby name initials, or other important dates. You can choose a frame color, based on the child's gender. For example, a beautiful blue frame for a baby boy or a soft pink for the baby girl, can be a really great gift idea.
Cute, Personalized Baby Tees: Personalized onesies and tees are extremely popular as baby shower gifts. Choose from a wide range of designs for the tees with graphic images to go along with it. Made of soft jersey cotton, these t-shirts are available in a wide range of toddler and infant sizes.
Special Gifts for the Mom: Gifts for baby showers may not just be all about the baby gifts, you can also include special gifts for the new mothers. After going through the pregnancy and childbirth many women could use a bit of pampering. For the mom gifts, you can choose a manicure or pedicure set, massage tools, scented body lotions, or gift certificates to let her go out and splurge on herself.
While planning the baby shower presents make sure to buy something from the baby gift registry, if the mom-to-be has already started one. There is no dearth of unique baby shower gift ideas. Gifting cash, gift cards, or gift certificates allow the couple to buy some larger items like a crib or a baby car seat. Homemade gifts like diaper cakes or baby gift baskets are also popular and inexpensive way to please the moms-to-be. As for the expectant mums, they would want to thank the hostess for the amazing baby shower. They can do this by choosing a lovely pendant or some chocolates, flowers, and wine. Remember, that by adding a personal touch and a bit of your own imagination, your gift can be a cherished item for the expectant parents.
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