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7 Best Baby Food Brands

7 Best Baby Food Brands

As a busy parent, mashing and pureeing food for the baby can be a time-consuming task. Commercially prepared baby foods provide a great nutritional alternative and are rather convenient to prepare. In this AptParenting article, we take a look at some of the most popular baby food brands out there.
Parul Solanki
Did You Know?
Commercial baby food was first prepared in the United States in 1927 by the Fremont Canning Company, which is now known as the Gerber Products Company.
Once your baby is around six to seven months old, you need to enhance your child's diet to include mushy and colorful solid foods. While many moms prefer to make nutritious mashed foods at home, there are others who choose the convenience of commercially-prepared foods. No wonder, the baby food market is booming. There was a time when you were stuck with only two brands and limited pureed food options, but today you can find a variety of baby food in just about every grocery store.
A variety of flavors, good organic ingredients, and higher nutritional value are some of the highlights of the best baby foods out in the market. However, with the available variety, you are bound to be confused about what to choose. Should you opt for traditional foods or organic baby food? Should you go for taste or nutritional value? An infant's immune system is weak, and the choice you make has an impact on the child's health. To help you make a wiser choice, here is a roundup of some of the top baby food brands in the market.
Earth's Best
A leading organic baby food brand, Earth's Best is easily available in all the popular stores across the country. They have infant formulas, jarred foods, juices, and ready-to-eat cereals for babies and toddlers. This organic baby food brand offers first-, second- and third-stage, preservative-free baby foods. Although some parents complain about the watery texture of the pureed foods, others have found the food tasty and healthy. However, considering the affordability, availability, and range of flavors, Earth's Best continues to be a favorite.

Healthy Times
Healthy Times is an organic food brand which is well-priced, flavorful, and easy to find. There are around 22 flavors including some great blends such as Tropical Fruit Medley and Peach Banana Muesli. There is no soy or other fillers like water or flour in this organic food, so you do not have to worry about allergies or stomach problems. The best part is, unlike the organic baby foods out there, Healthy Times baby foods are actually quite tasty and healthy for the child.

Plum Organics
Plum Organics is a popular baby food brand with a huge product line that consists of pureed fruits and vegetables, puffs, fiddlesticks, juices, and fruit snacks. The best part about the Plum Organics products is that it does not contains any corn syrup, trans-fats, or artificial ingredients that can harm the baby. The unsweetened and unsalted mashed foods are packaged in convenient, resealable pouches that are 100% BPA-free.

Ella's Kitchen
Ella's Kitchen is a organic and toddler baby food manufacturer with some excellent products including stage 1 to 4 baby and toddler food, smoothies, snack ranges, and others. The food that is available in bright-colored pouches is free of salt, sugar, and other additives. There is also an absence of fillers such as water, preservatives, or thickeners. The absence of wheat, dairy, and gluten make it the perfect baby food for kids with allergies. The baby food is available at all supermarkets and online stores as well.

Happy Family
Started on Mother's Day in 2006 by Shazi Visram and Jessica Rolph , Happy Family has four-stage foods which include amazing finger foods, cereals, pouches of mashed fruits and vegetables, and much more. They also have some unique ingredients in their baby food, like quinoa, coconut milk, and amaranth. The foods are free of artificial preservatives and flavor. The food also does not contain any trans fats and is GMO-free. You can let your child squeeze out the food right out of the pouch, or empty it into a bowl before feeding.

Square One Organics
If you are worried about introducing baby foods filled with preservatives and artificial colors, then do try Square One Organics. Natural and organic, this baby food is categorized into four color-coded system. For example: the 'Orange Pack' contains foods that are excellent sources of Vitamin A. It supports healthy teeth and gums while supporting the baby's immune system, and helping in the child's growth. The 'Green Pack' promotes digestion and heart health.

Sprout Organic Foods
Sprout Organic Foods, started by celebrity chef Tyler Florence, is all about organic ingredients, and the absence of preservatives, sugar, starches, or fillers. There are around eighteen amazing recipes that you can choose from including some interesting recipes like Roasted Pears & Apricots, Roasted Turkey with Herbed Vegetables, and Pasta with Lentil Bolognese. There is also food for babies who have allergies and food sensitivities.

Other popular baby food brands include:

Yummy Spoonfuls
Heinz Baby Food
When buying baby food, always check the label and the nutritional information. Even supposedly 'good' brands end up filling your child's meal with chemicals and preservatives. It is important to avoid this at all costs, and find something that is not only good for the baby but also something that he/she really likes.