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Behavior Charts for Kids

Behavior Charts for Kids
Tired of coaxing and screaming at your kids to improve their behavior? You need to try behavior charts, that will help improve their ever mischievous nature and allow them to put their best foot forward. The following article will help you know more on behavior charts for kids.
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Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
'Harry, Wilma, stop jumping on the bed!' shouted an overwhelmed Mary.
'Tom, how many times have I asked you not to scribble on the walls!' screamed Joanna on her 3-year-old kid.
'Say sorry to Uncle James and Aunt Sheena. Don't you understand, say sorry to Uncle John for spilling coffee on his shirt and cursing Aunt Sheena, Ray', said John. 'Come back here right this moment Ray Stone. Oh my, I am so sorry James, Sheena; he's just not on his best behavior these days. I am at my wit's end trying to instill some manners in this boy. What should I do with this boy, God help me!' cried Bips, as her 9-year-old Ray behaved like a rowdy child.
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These are some common instances of families dealing with kids that do not follow their parents' instructions and are always troubling them around the house and even outdoors. Parents tend to lose their patience many a time and shout or scream at their kids due to unruly child behavior. Or else parents resort to some sort of punishment or grounding the kids as a tool for effective child behavior modification. This makes the children more defiant and stubborn. They know it for a fact that they will only be getting more shouting or punishment for their misbehavior and this makes no difference to them.
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Toddlers are too young to understand that their parents want what is best for them and these punishments often leave a negative impact on their young minds. They tend to fear their parents and grow timid. Preschoolers who are shouted at, start hating their parents, as they are always under pressure to perform their best by their parents. Young kids tend to avoid their parents and start lying to save themselves from the long sessions, reprimanding them for their mistakes. All this does no good to either parents or kids and just builds up a cold war between the two.
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If you want to avoid such a situation, where your young child grows up to a rebellious teenager, who avoids talking to you, develops bad habits and asocial behavior, then the best thing is to curb it when they are young. Screaming, shouting, punishments and grounding the kids won't do the trick every time. Corporal punishments have been banned in many states and it does more harm than good. These weapons of disciplining a child should be followed only during drastic situations. The best way to make a child do what is right and maintain a good behavior is through a reward system. And the best way to make this system work is with the help of behavior charts for kids.
What Are Behavior Charts for Kids?
Behavior charts are motivational charts that help the child build up his or her own character and maintain good behavior. The chart contains a list of desired behavior. Both parents and kids can review their desired behavior. The child is explained what does each behavior mean and how he should act accordingly. When the child successfully acts according to the behavior listed, he or she is rewarded and recognized generously for their feat achieved.
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The behavior chart for kids discourages bad behavior in kids with a list of unwanted behavior next to the desired behavior list. The child is made to understand that which bad behavior will make them lose their reward. More the number of bad behavior as compared to good behavior, makes the child more conscious of his or her bad behavior. The child is made aware that as good behavior wins him accolades and rewards, bad behavior will earn him punishments.
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How to Use Behavior Charts for Kids?
The first step is to decide which behavior is desired and which ones are unwanted for your children. Accordingly, you can make behavior charts or print behavior charts, designed for kids, from online websites, offering free printable child behavior charts. Set up a weekly period for analyzing kids behavior chart. If you feel, you can modify the chart every week or when you feel the need to do so, at the start of a new week.
When you set up a kids behavior chart, make a list of good or desired behavior list on one side and a list of bad or unwanted behavior list on the opposite side. Maintain a rating system on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10. When the kid follows good behavior, he is given a positive marking or point. When he behaves badly, a negative point or mark is awarded. For example, whenever Ray mentioned above, restrains himself from swearing, John and Bips should call him over and reward him with a positive point. Or whenever Harry and Wilma jump on the bed, Mary should reward them with negative points each. Everyday enter the points in the good or bad behavior column for the current day.
You can even have a bonus column for an exceptionally good behavior for the day or exceptionally bad behavior. The last column should be kept empty and be filled on the last day of the week. Total the points and if the child earns a high positive score, give him or her a reward. I would personally avoid giving monetary reward, instead give the child what he wanted all week, like a pizza treat or a burger or a movie treat. You and your child should decide that winning 20 points for the week will earn them a pizza treat, and 40 points will earn them the new pair of sneakers they wanted. Mutually decide on the reward and make the child work on his good behavior to get what he desires.
Types of Behavior Charts for Kids
There are many child behavior charts to choose from. There are child behavior charts available according to their age. Some kids behavior charts focus on the activities or chores carried out and is used for teenagers or young kids. There are behavior charts for preschoolers that help these 'little munchkins' to play good with their younger siblings, their classmates and playmates, makes them remember to do their chores, etc. Behavior charts for preschoolers help kids become organized and behave nice with people younger or elder to them from an early age.
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If you have a boisterous toddler, you can choose from behavior charts for toddlers. These behavior charts for toddlers have pictures instead of letters and numbers to mark good and bad behavior. These little babies cannot read, but can understand the picture signs. This chart is helpful when you are potty training your child. Every time he uses the potty he is awarded a point. Every time he forgets to flush the potty, he is rewarded with a negative point. There are many other kids behavior charts that you can choose from and help your child show off his best behavior.
Free Behavior Modification Chart for Homes and Schools
As I have already mentioned, you will find a number of charts to use on the Internet. But, to save you time as well as the effort to search for charts, we shall offer you free printable charts. This chart will give you a head start and help you begin with trial for this method of behavior modification. The following image is a representative example that will explain how to use a behavior modification chart for children.
Click here to get your printable behavior chart for kids free.
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Uses of Behavior Charts for Kids
Child behavior charts are very useful as they motivate the children in a positive way to maintain good behavior. It helps the child focus on the unwanted behavior in them and avoid it as often as they can. Just as toddlers are helped to use the potty successfully, preschoolers are helped to brush their teeth twice and young children avoid swearing and cursing. Kids behavior charts are useful in nipping bad behavior in the bud, before they develop into a serious undesirable habit. The chart also makes the child work hard to achieve their goals and overcome difficulties. It helps them build character and make correct choices between right and wrong habits. Child behavior charts play an important role in child development and child care, as it helps in growing children with good manners, etiquette and builds up the feelings of empathy in the young minds.
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If you are using or planning to use child behavior chart, make the kid add the sticker or points on the chart for their good or bad behavior. Fuss over the kid when he carries out a good behavior and reward him or her as you had promised. Never back out of the promises made, if the child successfully maintains good behavior for the week. When you do not fulfill the promises made, it becomes highly demotivating for the kid who loses interest in carrying out the weekly good behavior. The child is aware and understands that the consequences or punishments he or she receives are due to bad behavior. The child learns to take responsibility for his or her actions. Try using behavior charts according to the age of the child as a part of effective parenting. You can even consider taking the child's school teacher into confidence when using the behavior chart for kids. Children are just like clay, it is up to the parents to mold them into beautiful sculptures with virtue.
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