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17 Seemingly Essential Baby Products That Are Totally Unnecessary

17 Baby Products That Are Totally Unnecessary
For most soon-to-be parents, every time they see a pink colored product with pictures of babies on it, there arises an almost irresistible urge to buy it. But is it really necessary, or is it going to be a piece of expensive junk lying around the house. Here is a list of baby products that can be deemed absolutely useless.
Amita Ray
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018
Best Things to Gift a Couple Expecting a Baby
★ A set of soft cotton napkins
★ Cute clothes made of organic cotton
★ A stroller
★ Car seat
★ Set of feeding bottles
You always want to give your baby the best of everything. This instinct kicks in right from the moment you realize that it's not going to be just the two of you in a few months. While you wait for your newborn's arrival, you probably want to buy everything possible. For most first-timers, spending a fortune on baby products, sort of, becomes part and parcel of welcoming a baby.

It is only a few months after the baby arrives that you realize that the house is cluttered with stuff you don't need. Instead of wasting a good amount of moolah, realize what is actually needed and pick up only that, if there ever arises the need to get something else you could always get it then.

Here are a few things that neither you nor your baby is going to need, so the next time you go shopping for the baby, resist these so-called baby essentials.
17 Baby Products That You Could Avoid Buying
Baby Food Maker
Baby Food Maker
You may get a good quality baby food maker for around USD 100 - USD 150―perfectly good price for something you don't need. Your regular blender does a perfectly good job of mashing your baby's food, plus it will save money and space. Another option that will save time is to buy jars of baby food.
Shopping Cart Seat Cover
Believe it or not, but a shopping cart seat cover does not make a protective shield that would ward off every cold, flu, or pink eye. It just makes a comfy, not to mention, dorky-looking seat for your little baby bug.
Slip Proof Baby Knee Pads
Slip Proof Baby Knee Pads
Of course, you don't want even a scratch to ruin the perfectness of your baby! But putting on knee pads for your new crawler would be a bit too much. Besides, that little bundle of joy of yours may be tougher than you think.
Binky Wipes
Binky Wipes
Yes your baby's pacifier is going to fall every now and then, but you don't need a special wipe just for it. Besides, how many things could you carry everywhere you go? Just wash it with water and use a regular cloth napkin or a regular wipe to dry it off.
Wipe Warmer
Ah! Moist warm wipes thoroughly cleansing your baby's... never mind. What on earth did we do before wipe warmers were invented? That's right, we used regular wipes. If it was good enough back then, it definitely is good enough now. Wipe warmers might be a good idea if you're at a place with extremely cold temperatures and no heating, but we seriously doubt if you'd take your baby there.
Peepee Teepee
Sounds cute, agreed! But seriously, covering your baby boy's hoo-hoo with this so you don't get peed on, definitely not worth it. How about using a napkin or a wipe to serve the same purpose. But be warned, you will definitely get peed on a few more times than you'd like no matter what you use.
adorable baby
A fancy bassinet is adorable but is it really necessary to buy an expensive one? Especially, when your baby will only be using it for a few weeks. Getting your baby accustomed to sleeping in a crib from the very beginning might be a very good idea.
Video Monitor
Video Monitor
The last thing you want to give a new mother is a video monitor. Believe us, when we tell you that for the first few days, she will have eyes glued to the screen. A regular baby monitor would help you keep a check on the baby and not burn a big hole in your pocket as well.
Designer Baby Clothes
Designer Baby Clothes
Imagine a tiny USD 100 onesie that gets puked on, ouch, right? A baby doesn't know that it's a designer clothing and will pee, poop, puke, and spit on everything. Getting comfortable organic cotton clothes would be a better and a much less expensive idea with an additional bonus of being easy to wash.
Expensive Baby Bedding
Expensive Baby Bedding
Yes, you do need comfortable preferably cotton bedding to ensure your newborn gets a good sleep. But spending way too much on bedding and covers that will once again be peed, pooped, and puked on is not a good idea, as they need to be washed way too often.
Diaper Genie
Hard to believe, but the diaper genie doesn't appear of out thin air to change your baby's diapers. It merely packs the diaper into little diaper sausages with a help of a plastic bag and seals all the odor along with it so your house can smell fresh always. But taking out the trash everyday would do the same, sans the Diaper Genie.
Formula Mixer
Of course, shaking a bottle could be a daunting task (not really), that's why they invented the formula mixer! Save money and don't buy expensive things that you really don't need, all you gotta do is mix and shake anyway.
Stuffed Toys
Stuffed Toys
Not a good idea to get stuffed toys for really young babies, your baby will only start to appreciate them when he or she is a few months older. With the insane number of stuffed toys you receive at the birth of the baby or baby shower is enough to last for a good number of years!
Baby Sleep Positioner
Not only are they unnecessary, they can be dangerous too. Nope, it's not us saying that, it's the USFDA saying it. There have been reports of fatalities died due to suffocation in a sleep positioner.
Bath Thermometer
Bath Thermometer
When we were kids, our moms would just dip their fingers in the water to check if the bath water was right for use. We turned out fine, didn't we? Relax, just dip your fingers in the bath water, if its good for you, your baby will be fine.
Bottle Warmers
Another necessary invention for those living in the Arctic. Regular room temperature milk is fine for your baby. If your munchkin likes the milk to be a bit warm, you could just dip the bottle in some warm water, and it'll do the trick for you.
Changing Tables
Changing Tables
Say what you might, but changing tables are quite unnecessary. They cost you extra money and take up space for no good reason. Another problem is that there might be a risk of your baby toppling from them. You could change your baby's diaper by laying a napkin on the bed or on the floor.
Now that you know what are the things that you don't need to buy here are a few useful baby products that you could register for, so even your friends know what exactly they need to get for you.
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