Average Child Weight by Age

Average Child Weight by Age

What is the average child weight by age? How do I know if my child's weight is right for his age? This Buzzle article provides answers to these questions.
The growth pattern of children is very specific. Many parents, during the growing years of their children, all through infancy and till the teens, tend to be very worried about the weight of their children. Knowing the average weight by age can help you know whether the growth of your child is taking place at a normal rate or not.

Children grow at different rates all through childhood till adulthood. After birth, it is normal for the weight of the child to drop by 5 - 10%. In the first few months, breast-fed babies can often be heavier than babies that are bottle fed, but this trend tends to reverse later in the first year. An infant's weight usually doubles between birth and five months, and increases three times by the age of 12 months or one year, and almost quadruples by the end of two years of age.

Factors Affecting Average Child Weight

There are many factors that affect the average child weight and height. These factors are:
The genetic composition of the child plays a vital role in determining his / her weight.
The health of the mother, especially during the pregnancy, also has an effect on the baby's weight.
The nutrients that the child is getting through his / her food determine his / her weight.
Any kind of illness afflicting the child will adversely affect the weight of the child. If the child suffers from a severe bout of diarrhea, or contracts typhoid fever, then his or her weight tends to drop all of a sudden.

Average Child Weight Chart

The following charts present the details about the average baby weight by age and average child weight by age, along with the normal height of the baby / child at that particular age. The figures in the charts represent averages, and should not be used as accurate indicators of child growth and health.

Average Height and Weight For Boys
AgeAverage HeightAverage Weight
in Inchesin Pounds
1 Month21.69.8
2 Months23.012.3
3 Months24.214.1
4 Months25.215.4
5 Months26.0 16.6
6 Months26.617.5
7 Months27.218.3
8 Months27.819.0
9 Months28.319.6
10 Months28.820.1
11 Months29.320.8
1 year29.821.3
13 Months30.321.8
14 Months30.722.3
15 Months31.222.7
16 Months31.623.2
17 Months32.023.7
18 Months32.424.1
19 Months32.824.6
20 Months33.125.0
21 Months33.525.5
22 Months33.925.9
23 Months34.2 26.3
2 years34.227.5
3 years37.531
4 years40.336.0
5 years43.040.5
6 years45.545.5
7 years48.050.5
8 years50.456.5
9 years52.563.0
10 years54.570.5
11 years56.578.5
12 years58.788.0
13 years61.5100.0
14 years64.5112.0
15 years67.0123.5
16 years68.3134.0
17 years69.0142.0
18 years69.2147.5
19 years69.5152.0
20 years69.7155.0
Average Height and Weight For Girls
AgeAverage HeightAverage Weight
in Inchesin Pounds
1 Month21.29.6
2 Months22.111.7
3 Months23.613.3
4 Months24.514.6
5 Months25.315.8
6 Months25.916.6
7 Months26.517.4
8 Months27.118.1
9 Months27.618.8
10 Months28.219.4
11 Months28.719.9
1 year 29.220.4
13 Months29.621,0
14 Months30.121.5
15 Months30.622.0
16 Months30.922.5
17 Months31.423.0
18 Months31.823.4
19 Months32.223.9
20 Months32.624.4
21 Months32.924.9
22 Months33.425.4
23 Months33.725.9
2 year33.726.5
3 year3731.5
4 year39.534.0
5 year42.539.5
6 year45.544.0
7 year47.759.5
8 year50.557.0
9 year52.562.0
10 year54.570.5
11 year56.781.5
12 year59.091.5
13 year61.7101.0
14 year62.5105.0
15 year62.9115.0
16 year64.0118.0
17 year64.0120.0
18 year 64.2125.0
19 year64.3126.0
20 year64.3128.0

Source: The World Health Organization (WHO)

Many parents tend to get very worried if their child's weight is less than the average weight that children have at that particular age. However, one needs to understand that there are always exceptions, and that a little bit of deviation from what is considered normal is acceptable. In the end, stop worrying, and just enjoy the experience of parenthood!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.
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