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When is it Right to Announce Your Pregnancy

When is it Right to Announce Your Pregnancy

So, when is the right time to announce that you are expecting? There are many opinions and each one has a different take on the question. Let's discuss it through this article.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Pregnancy brings mixed feelings in the expecting mother - of joy, apprehension and thrill. When the pregnancy is confirmed, in majority of the cases, it is the partner who hears the good news first. Then comes the family, and at last friends and other acquaintances. For the expecting couple it is the greatest joy, and announcing it to near and dear ones the happiest moment! Also, it is a period of nervousness as those nine months tend to be really difficult for the future parents. Coming to the point of discussion, when is the right time to make this joyful news public?

When to Make Your Pregnancy Announcement

It is but obvious, this being the most crucial development in your life, you want to share the joyful news with everyone close to you. And you must indeed celebrate the news with family and friends, least to say. There are many innovative ways to announce the pregnancy to your family and friends, to make the moment a memorable one. But 'when' to do it is the most basic question couples face. Many couples prefer to announce the good news as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. Some prefer to keep it to themselves until late months, for varying reasons. Announcing it late or early, each view has its own advantages and disadvantages. At the least, the decision to plan the announcement entirely depends on the expecting couple, as the factors to be considered differ from one couple to another. And who should be informed about the pregnancy? It is but obvious that you need to inform your family members first, they actually will come to know even if you don't tell them. Also you should not fail to inform your close friends and relatives. Just imagine the fury you may have to face, in case your friends come to know the news from some other distant source!

The advantages of announcing it early are the following - you can enjoy the love, care and support of your family and friends. When a woman expects, she undergoes a lot of mental, emotional and physical changes, that can be overwhelming and sometimes troublesome. The support given by family and friends can help you deal with the situation quite effectively. Another reason you should announce it early is you always have some friend by your side to listen to you in case you feel jittery and nervous on some days. If you are pregnant for the first time, it is necessary that you announce it in the earlier months, as you are sure to get lots of tips; right from choosing the best hospital to the food that is good during those days. In case, God forbid, you face a miscarriage, you won't feel lonely and your friends would help you cope with the situation better. Thinking from a practical perspective, you have to give a thought to this issue too. For a first time pregnant woman it is best to tell the news in the earlier stage, that is, after it is confirmed and some months have passed.

The reason why the decision should be left to the expecting couple is each couple have their own problems. It is better to announce the expecting news late, that is, say after three months, if the mother-to-be had been through a failed pregnancy in the past. It is medically true that there are increased chances of miscarriage in cases of fertility problems and miscarriages in the past. Many couples, in cases like these, announce the pregnancy after three or four months, as the chances of miscarriage this period are reduced.

There are very few disadvantages of making the announcement early; you just may have to deal with plenty of advice and intrusion from friends and relatives. But this matters less, because emotional support is what you need. In case there is some problem in the pregnancy, you have to answer the questions of people. So when to announce? It is a general opinion that you should announce it early, that is, after two to three months, as you enjoy the support of family and friends. Also, pregnancy is one news that people would come to know, no matter how secret you try to keep it!
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