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Unique Baby Birth Announcements

Khushnuma Irani Jan 23, 2019
Need a special and unique way to announce your baby's birth? Here are some interesting ideas for your reference.
After the nine long months of waiting, your baby has finally entered your world. A world where you will do anything to ensure that he/she gets the very best. So, now comes the time to announce the arrival of your little bundle of joy.
Why settle for anything average and mundane? Here are some unique and creative ways to announce your baby's birth.

Photo Birth Announcements

Though this may be a common way to send announcements to all those people who are far away, it doesn't mean that this is the same old dull method of making an announcement.
In fact, now you can send a collage or collection of photos of your newborn with the entire family and the details of the birth.

Baby Website

Creating a website for announcing the birth of your child is quite a 21st century announcement. It could include all your baby's photos and birth information, and it could also have a guest book, stories, and lots of videos. The web address can be emailed to everyone.

Candy Wrappers

For those of you who want a sweeter way to announce the birth, than handing out cigars, can consider personalized candy wrappers.
You can have candy wrappers made on glossy paper with details about your child's birth and photograph, and hand it out or even give a large chocolate bar covered with the same wrapper.

Baby Seeds

A growing family can be indicated with some seeds, which are a unique way to announce a baby's birth. A packet of any seeds, which are easy to grow, can be sent with a cover with your little one's birth statistics and photograph. Quite an environmentalist way to make an announcement don't you think?


These are announcements sent as bookmarks. These bookmarks could contain information about the birth, family, a picture, and some quotes or a limerick. These bookmarks are easy to send and make for a great keepsake.

Business Cards

Another contemporary and unique way to announce the birth is to print out business cards but with your baby's photo and birth details.
The behind of the card can have a limerick or a personalized note, whereas the front could have all the information.


Anyone who gets a magnet, immediately puts it on his/her fridge or any other metallic surface. A birth announcement magnet is a great way to make the announcement and can be a great keepsake for your loved ones. These magnets are fun to create and can have your baby's photo and birthday and time on it.

Cookies and Chocolates

Another great way to announce the birth is to get personalized cookies or chocolates with your baby's name and details on each biscuit or chocolate.
Or you can also send cookies and chocolates in jars with an announcement sticker on them. These stickers can have a photo of your newborn and the birth details.
Why settle for anything less when you can have the best. Select any of these ways to make the announcement and have fun while doing it.