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10 Really Tough Questions Kids Ask Parents and How to Answer Them

10 Tough Questions Kids Ask Parents and How to Answer Them
Parenting is a challenge that involves answering a lot of questions. Especially when they happen to be 'those' kind of questions. So, dear parent, take charge and answer your kids before Google decides to intervene.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare.
- Ed Asner
Anyone who's a parent will identify with what was just mentioned up here. Yes, the joys of parenting are second to none, but with all due respect, it certainly isn't an enviable job.

If you don't believe this, ask a parent who's had to answer any of the questions that we've featured here. And mind you, when children ask questions, rest assured that they'll be persistent enough to pursue it till a satisfactory answer manifests from your mumbling mouth.

In this AptParenting article, we've complied a list of 10 such questions that can embarrass the life out of a parent. And as parent sympathizers, we've even featured the answers. Go ahead and read them. Then take a print, and paste it where you, and only you can find it.
10 Tough Questions and Their Answers
Why does my best friend live with two moms?
This is because his two moms love each other very much, just like your mom and dad love each other. In the end, all you need to remember is that love is what makes a family stay together, and not genders, so it hardly matters if one has 2 moms, or 2 dads, or a mom and dad.
Why is my friend white, and I'm dark?
People from different parts of the world look different from each other, which is what makes them beautiful and unique. Also, underneath all that, we're the same kind of people, so while making friends, it's easy to ignore such insignificant details. It is a person's nature that we strike a friendship with, why get anything else in between?
Why did my goldfish die?
His heart stopped beating, and so did the blood flow, so he couldn't live any longer.

As an adult, your interpretation of death may be as simple as this, or your religious beliefs may have an influence on it. Whatever the case may be, you, as a parent, have to decide whether your child is capable of understanding them.
Is God for real?
You'll know for yourself if God is real or not.

Okay, this question will obviously be dealt with on a case-to-case basis in the strictest sense. You may or may not be a believer yourself, but before you jump headlong to grab this opportune moment to influence your child, wouldn't it be great if your child found out on his/her own?
Why do you smoke?
Because I happen to be a fool who lets a bad habit control me. It is a very bad habit to have, and I'm going to kick it off. You have my word for it.

Now, prove that you're not a slimy loser by truly quitting, or be a closeted slimy loser by never letting your kid catch you puffing again.
What's the F-word?
It's a word that grownups use when they're extremely frustrated, or are being immensely rude. The worst thing is that it makes the listener even angrier, and possibly, a fight may follow. So, you see, no one's really happy at the end of it, so it's better to never to use it.
Whom do you love more?
Uh-oh, it's a trap alright, you've been caught red-handed. Guilty of favoring one child over the other. Whether it was momentary or not can be decided another day, but as of now, you've got to deal with it smoothly. First, delve into the area where this came from, and try to correct it by being fair and dispensing equal love. That may be a tough ask in some cases, but do your best. And good luck with it.
Why does your boss have a giant patch of skin on top of his head?
This is so not good on two levels - first, it's embarrassing to hear this in public. And second, the public includes your boss. Again, a billion factors come into focus here, but first, play the highly embarrassed high-pitched laugh, only if your boss has taken it in jest. Next, pray that the earth opens up and swallows you.

Okay, kidding! Don't make the mistake of forcing your kid to apologize, it can get complicated and messy. Get home and explain how hair loss occurs. More importantly, explain why it is impolite to ask questions about someone's appearance as it is very hurtful thing to do. Stress on the fact that physical appearances don't matter, and are best ignored.
Why do boys have ___ and girls have ___?
That's the way you differentiate between the two genders. How else would we know who's the boy and who's the girl?

Whoa! Great going if your kid settles at the answer mentioned above. However, if this question is asked in conjunction with the following question, you know you're in a hot spot.
Where do babies come from?
The toughest one ever, this question deserves an age-appropriate answer. Responses may vary from they are downloaded from the Internet, delivered by FedEx, to the politically correct, out of mommy's pee-pee.

Never, ever make the mistake of responding with a "you are too young to know", lest you are prepared to be hounded with this question day in, day out.
As is clear from the above, answering icky questions posed by children is no mean task. However, answer you have to, as you know you won't be spared unless you do. So, good luck with that, and do share stories of your trials and tribulations with us.
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