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Tooth Fairy Ideas

Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas to Make This Milestone a Joyous Event

Every parent treasures the moment when their child gets their first tooth! But the children are not aware of that joy. So why not make the painful ordeal of losing their first tooth, a joyous occasion? Here are some wonderful tooth fairy ideas, just for that.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
In this pocket you will find
A teensy, tiny tooth of mine.
So, while I sleep where dreams are made,
Let's see if you can make a trade.
- Unknown
Tooth fairies have been a part of everybody's childhood. When at the tender age of five, your first tooth starts to pain, mothers enthrall you with stories about the tooth fairy and her little gift. It makes it easier for the child. The pain is overshadowed by their innocent fantasies and eager longings.

These days, however, mothers do not want to spare anything to make their child's first encounter with the tooth fairy memorable. But, what to do and how? These things can be very confusing and it is difficult to see the line. You cross it and the fantasy dies. You do not do enough and the child is left sad. Because children talk to one another in school, they know more through their friends than their parents. So, how does a mother plan the tooth fairy setup? Know about it right here...
On Your Marks!
Start preparing for the tooth fairy the day he complains about tooth pains. Children always lose their front teeth first. So, it is easy to know when the tooth is shaky and is ready to fall. Tell him/her all about the tooth fairy, and how he/she would be presented with a gift in exchange for the tooth. Ask him to take care of his teeth. Tell him that if the teeth are clean, he will get a better gift.
♥ Fairy Door ♥
Start preparing for the fairy's entry now. The best idea is to make a miniature door for the fairy to enter and hang it in the room when the kid is not around. When he arrives and asks you how it came here, act surprised, and tell him that may be they have come to know about his tooth in Tooth-Fairyland. Explain to him that it is a mini-door, and that the fairies have put it up so that they can come at night. Get him all excited about it!

If you are on a tight budget, you can always make one yourself. Take a piece of cardboard, draw a tiny little door on it, paint with all fairy colors, and your door is ready! To give it a little more real texture, make borders so that the door stands out from the wall. Hang it and you are ready for his excitement to build.

If you want to make it more interesting for your child, ask him to put something outside the fairy door every night till his tooth eventually falls off. It could be anything, but it would be better if it is your child's choice.
Get Set!
The real work starts now. Once the tooth falls off, the excitement of your kid increases. He just can't wait enough for the night to come. And this is the time to be extremely creative and careful. There are many unique ways to give the tooth away to the fairy. You can either use one or more ideas, depending on the time in your hands and the budget.
♥ Send Request ♥
Send Request
A small contact slip or communication letter, is the best idea to get your little one started. You can make a small slip on the computer and print it out with different fill ins like name, details, date, etc. And if you do not have the time for it, or want a ready-made one, here it is. A contact slip to the tooth-fairy that is ready to print. Click on the image to the right to print it out for your child. When your child is done filling it, ask him to put it outside the fairy-door and go away to play. The tooth fairy will collect it. Not only is it a great idea, it is also a nice way to introduce your child to filling forms at a young age. You can decorate the envelope too if you want. Let your creativity flow.

If printing out a form is too much, you can just have an original letter written by your child. Here, your child gets the chance to compose all the elements of the letter. It is exciting. This will help the child develop writing skills.
♥ Pillow Pocket ♥
You can buy a pillow with a pocket in it, for him to keep his tooth inside at night before he goes off to sleep. There are many such designs available online. You can also sew one at home, if you are creative or have budgetary constraints. And if you are too busy to sew one altogether or buy a new one, just add a tiny pocket to any of his existing pillows.

Make it fun for him, by asking him to help you out. Use a big blunt needle and get creative with your child. Introduce him to sewing in a really fun way. And you can be different with this too. Just sew a tooth-shaped pocket rather than a normal one, to make it unique. He will remember and cherish it for a long time.
Now comes the big question. What to do the night after? The fairy door is ready, the tooth is waiting to be collected and the child is asleep. So, what next? Money is obviously the most common of all choices. But, here are various other ideas and concepts that are popular across the globe. You can choose whatever suits you the best, or go all out and do everything!
♥ Special Coins ♥
If possible, refrain from giving him money. This will just spoil the meaning of such an exciting event. If he asks, question him on how can a fairy have money? Leaving coins or foreign currencies will make this story plausible. Special chocolate coins or silver coins under the pillow are high on the list. These cute things get children really enthused. The quantity can be any, but on an average 4 - 5 coins are recommended. If you do have, you can leave foreign currency coins. It can serve as a unique way to teach your child about an otherwise boring topic. And it can also help them start a new hobby - collecting coins! If possible, leave coins of as many different currencies as you can. And the next morning will follow an exciting and interesting study of them. You can leave bills and notes too. But the excitement of a child, when it comes to coins, is so much more.
♥ Fairy Trail ♥
Leave a trail of the tiny little tooth fairy in you child's room. The door should be taken out at night and instead a glitter trail from the door to the child's pillow should be left. If you want, you can make tiny fairy footsteps in the glitter. It is suggested that you learn what your child imagines the fairy to be like. You can then use those images to help yourself construct the fairy trail. So if your child believes that the fairy can fly, footsteps would ruin his image. Do not do that. Go along with his imagination. If he has ever described the fairy to you, use his ideas to create the imaginary fairy. This will help to reinforce your child's imagination. If you have decided to use the glitter, you can sprinkle some outside the fairy door every morning before the tooth falls.
♥ Healthy Baby ♥
You can go the healthy way and leave a new set of toothbrush and toothpaste for the kid to use. It sets up a good example for the child and promotes oral hygiene. You can even leave some sugar-free gums or candies. Help him understand how too much sugar can be harmful not only to his physical health but also for his oral health. Children understand and follow things explained to them with the help of such mythical characters. Another way to go about it is to get some floss or mouthwash. Show them how to use it and why it is important for them. Kids can sometimes be stubborn, when it comes to healthy habits. But a gift from the tooth fairy will rank in their good books. They will be excited to learn how to use it and will follow religiously if introduced to it in such a manner.
♥ Fairy Trinkets ♥
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the fairy left behind something that belongs to her? Give a Cinderella twist to your child's first tooth fairy encounter. And that is what you are supposed to work on. You can make a really small, cute little fairy wand and leave it next to the pillow. Or if you want to be unique and creative, you can make tiny shoes or some charm bracelet. Bracelets can be tricky, as they need to be really very small. You can use ready-made ones too. Shoes and bracelets for dolls are available in the market. But, a wand is the simplest of them all. Take care that the wand does not look like you made it. It will serve like a souvenir for your child. Watch him save it, protect it and even flaunt it to his friends. It is a real fun idea!
♥ Letter ♥
If your child has left a letter for the tooth-fairy, it is only right for you to have a small letter as a reply from her. Only then will the complete meaning of communication be understood by the child. Leave a tiny and short letter from the fairy, stating that she was pleased to have a tooth, and that she has left a small gift in exchange for it. The letter should look like it is from a fairy. You can print it in some tiny font on a pink paper or have it written by one of your friends.

P.S. Writing it on your own can prove to be a risk to the 'tooth fairy concept'.

If your child has sent a request slip to the fairy, then the best way to reply to it is with a receipt from her, and a small thank you note. This will also help your child understand the value of a simple thank you message.
sample letter
Here is a sample letter from the fairy to a child. You can add your child's name and even give the fairy a name of her own. Add or subtract whatever is necessary, as per your child's imagination and belief.
These were some very creative, yet fun ideas. You can go about with your original ideas, or pick some from the above. Do whatever you need to make it a special day for your baby kid, as you lose your first tooth only once, right?