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Tips to Help New Moms Get More Sleep

Mia Morales Oct 22, 2019
There's nothing quite as exciting as bringing home a new baby. From the giggles to the tears, falling in love with your new little one is lots of fun. It can also be pretty exhausting, though. If you're a new parent, chances are you're trying to figure out how to get enough sleep while still taking care of your new baby. Check out these tips to improve sleep

Avoid Taking on New Responsibilities

Parents who already have older children often feel they're neglecting the older kids when the new baby comes home. They try to rectify the situation by volunteering for school activities.
The reality is that, this does nothing but create an exhausted parent. While you have a newborn at home, avoid taking on new responsibility as much as possible.

Spend Time Laying Down

If you lay down but find you can't fall asleep, you may try to convince yourself that you need to get up and do something "more productive." Avoid doing this.
Doctors believe that laying down to rest, even if you don't fall asleep, can be quite restorative. Lay down as much as you can in the early months to help you keep up your energy.

Get a Bigger Bed

A queen size bed probably isn't large enough for you, your spouse, and the pets that inevitably end up there as well. When it comes to considering a bed, focus on king or California king.
Both are much bigger than a queen, which means you have more room to nap and sleep. Whichever bed you choose, you'll have more space than if you had a basic queen-size bed.

Create a Routine

When bringing a new baby home, the best thing you can do for the entire family is set a routine.
As your newborn gets used to the routine, he or she will eat and sleep at just about the same times each day and night, making it easier for you to schedule in some sleep of your own.

Sleep Close to the Baby

Most parents keep their newborns in the same room while they sleep anyway, but you should consider keeping your baby in the room for as long as you can.
When baby is sleeping in the same room, you'll hear him or her more quickly in the night, be able to feed or change a diaper more quickly, and get back to sleep faster.

Ask for Help

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. You may think that you need to be Super Parent, but the reality is that many new parents ask for help.
Ask your spouse, a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or a babysitter to keep an eye on your newborn for a few hours, so that you can sleep comfortably without worry of needing to get up with the baby.