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Things Only People With Lots Of Kids Will Understand

Things Only People With Lots Of Kids Will Understand
If your family has more than the 'regular' number of kids, you are bound to turn heads wherever you are introduced. Some experiences are endearing, while some are a bit overwhelming - but all of them are unique to only the ones like you, who have a big, happy family.
Sonal Dharmadhikari
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
A Lot Of Stares
people are shocked at the size of your family
A short trip to the mall may become a parade of sorts, with all your kids in tow. Needless to say, you are used to all the staring - and the silent amusement, astonishment, or askance they carry. Who knows, you might just enjoy soaking in the attention!
A Lot Of Scolding
mother scolding her child
Kids - being kids - are always up to something and are always driving parents up the wall! Add sibling fights, temper tantrums, and general misbehavior to the equation, and you know why the decibel levels rise in the household. Half your time around the house is spent wrenching kids off each other's heads and grounding them. Sigh!
A Lot Of Laundry
children doing laundry
Sometimes you look in the closets and wonder if you can open your own clothes store out of them, we know you are from a family of abundant kids! Lots of clothes naturally means lots of laundry, and it is no less than a task in itself to wash, dry, iron, and most importantly, SORT all of it! The general confusion around one small weekly chore may astonish some people, but only you know how real the horror is.
A Lot (Less) Space
big family photograph
Be it a dinner table where elbows brush far too often or the single photo frame that barely contains all of you - for you, space comes with the tag of 'keep close or be left out'.

On the flip side, the physical proximity has good chances of rubbing off on emotional closeness. A family that eats together, smiles together may very well be together all through!
A Lot Of Forgetting!
elderly lady speaking on phone
As parents grow older, keeping tabs on their kids becomes more difficult. Don't be surprised if you come across a granny calling her son by her daughter's pet name - who can blame them given the sheer number of names!
A Lot Of Team Work
children washing car
A big family needs a big house, a big car (van, rather!), a big lawn... you get the drift. All these come with their own big maintenance tasks. Which is why every parent in a big family makes a great team (or at least a reluctant army!) out of their kids. Chores are divided and expertise multiplied in this informal training of sorts.
Lots and Lots of Love
happy loving family
Of all the hues of love that exist, the love of a family stands out as one of a kind. A bigger family may just be another way to grow love manifold. Through all the trials and tribulations of raising a family and keeping it together, love is what keeps everyone going.