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The Positive Effects of Daycare

Mia Morales Oct 3, 2019
There are several reasons as to why you can and should send your child to the daycare. There are many different ways in which your child can benefit from the daily daycare services.
We live in an age where many parents go to work and have to drop their children off at childcare facilities. Some people criticize childcare facilities because a child being put into a daycare does not get to spend time with his parents. However, there are a lot of benefits of giving a child in a childcare.

Regular Schedule

A great benefit of childcare facilities is they introduce children to a regular, structured schedule. This is important because children need to learn how to have structured lives with responsibilities. For the rest of their lives, they will have responsibilities they will have to tend to.
They will have to live structured, disciplined lives in order to achieve goals, become prosperous and make the most out of their time. Childcare facilities introduce children to these facts of life and get children accustomed to them.

Socialization With Other Kids

One of the greatest benefits of childcare facilities is it is a great way to get the children to socialize early on. Children are put into situations where they have to get along with peers and learn social norms.
Childcare facilities provide an environment that is safe and structured, yet has enough leeway for children to learn interpersonal relations and socialization. If a child is not put into a childcare facility, the amount of interaction that he/she has with other children can vary based on what his/her parents choose to expose him/her to.
For example, a child who is exposed to a childcare facility can still do activities with other children and go on playdates. However, there are some children who may be kept at home, away from other children.
There are parents out there who helicopter over their children to a damaging extent where they isolate their children from exposure to the outer world.

More Money Coming In

Childcare facilities provide an opportunity for parents to work while children are being taken care of. The benefit is that parents are able to earn more. The extra income parents earn by working while putting a child in a childcare facility can be used for the child's future.
For example, by working and putting their children into a childcare facility a couple may be able to afford better housing, schooling, food and clothing for their child.
If they live in a school district with subpar schools, putting their children into a childcare facility while earning extra money might allow them to send their children to pay-for schools that are safer and/or academically superior.
The benefits of having more income coming in are both immediate and long term. In the long term, parents might have a lot more money saved and a lot more contacts in their social network after working while putting their children into childcare facilities. These extra resources can benefit the child as he/she grows up.

Coming Into Contact With Other Adults

While in a childcare facility, children come into contact with adults in positions of authority who are outside of their families. This is important because it gets children accustomed to idea of respecting people in positions of power.
It is also important because it shows that people outside of the family—not just beloved family members—are important and should be respected.

Good For Parents

Childcare facilities are good for parents because the small amount of time spent talking to teachers and other parents can work wonders. By small-talking with other parents, a sense of community can be formed.
This is especially true when you send your child to a childcare where you consistently see the same people around for years. It helps to form social connections with other parents, which is good. By talking to other parents, you can find out about different opportunities. You may even be offered opportunities. This can help avoid anxiety and depression.
You may even be offered opportunities. Speaking to other parents can be good for avoiding anxiety and depression.

Children Become Smarter

U.S. National Institutes of Health did a study, according to which children who were into high-quality daycare are more likely to excel academically. This may be as they are exposed to academic topics early. Also, their brains are stimulated by the experiences they get in childcare facilities.
In conclusion, these are the benefits of daycare. Childcare facilities are good because they allow parents to earn more money, bring children in contact with adults who are authority figures, teach children to socialize  with each other, and get them used to a regular schedule.